Why Live in Boulder Colorado?

Boulder Taxi Cab Driver Picks Up Trash, Brings Jobs to Boulder

I was in a meeting with Susan Morris, the President and CEO of the Boulder Chamber of Commerce in our RE/MAX office about a week or so ago, and she had some interesting things to say about the economic situation and job growth.

Sure, it was full of positive commentary about what a great place Boulder is to live, and why so many people come here; quality of life, great jobs, outdoor adventure, much of the usual stuff. All good stuff I admit, and I’m not trying to down-play her comments.

What really impressed me was the way she gave her presentation, and how she handled her Q&A. I see so many presentations and go to Professional Continuing Education and unfortunately way too many times, the instructor or presenter just reads the power point slides. Ugh!

Well, Susan had an interesting story about a taxi cab driver, and the guy who heads up Wall Street On Demand. Wall Street On Demand is a local employer who relocated to our area, like many others, because the head-honcho decided that this would be a great place to live, and they could operate the business from just about any location. Now, as far as I understand it, this is how the taxi cab came into the picture and how Wall Street came to Boulder.

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As the story goes, it was something like this:

The guy who heads up Wall Street On Demand was in town for a while, and when he was in the downtown Boulder area at or near the Boulder Cafe, which is right on one of the corners of the Pearl Street Mall, he noticed a cab driver (there aren’t many here) who threw something from his cab out the window, attempting to score a ‘basket’ into a trash can. He missed.

Wall Street guy says to himself, if that cabbie gets out and picks up that trash, I’m moving here. Well, as the story goes, he did, and so it happened. Wall Street On Demand is here.

So you ask yourself, Why live in Boulder? (By the way, thanks Joel for the suggestions and help with strategy on this.)

I think this gives you one good reason, maybe more, why people continue to see Boulder, and the Boulder County area as a great place to live, locate their business, raise a family, or just indulge themselves in all that it means to be a part of this phenomenal area.

Just for fun here’s an excerpt from Wall Street On Demand’s Website:

Wall Street On Demand’s business is the design, development and hosting of custom websites, reports and tools for the financial services industry. We work hard to extend our partners’ brands to their users via unique, integrated, and user-centric information products.

You won’t see our name or tagline on every chart or page we produce. Our brand is built through word-of-mouth recommendations, quality design, on-time delivery, and the technology solutions that we deploy and host for millions of users.

Wondering if there’s a spot for you at this company? Here’s what I pulled from their site in terms of job opportunities, so why not get in touch with them, and take that first step towards relocating to Boulder?!

21 full-time, on-site opportunities available in Boulder, Colorado.

Senior Accountant
Business Development Associate
Business Development
Interaction Designer
Design & Development
Senior Developer-HUB
Design & Development
Web Developers
Design & Development
Java Developer
Design & Development
Production Engineer
Junior Script Developer

What’s fun for me about this also, is that I have a friend and neighbor, who I met through my daughter who works there, and I have a couple of buyer prospects who I’ve been talking to who also work there. Small world indeed.

If you’re planning a move to our area, or even just thinking about it, I think we need to talk.

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