Boulder Memorial Day Has No Rubber Ducks

duckBoulder’s annual Boulder Creek Festival is a signature event each Memorial Day weekend, and the rubber duck race has been a well loved fundraiser each year.

This year, there will be no race, no rubber ducks, and no fundraiser.

Boulder Parks and Recreation Department announced that the Boulder Civic Area Park work has disrupted the area along the creek such that it would be impossible to hold the race. Apparently there’s just too much construction.

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Lafayette Colorado Promenade Approved Erie and Lafayette continue to ‘arm-wrestle’

Lafayette Tractor SupplyThe City of Lafayette approved the “Lafayette Promenade” project recently, and it is among several developments in the area near Hwy 287 and Arapahoe Road.

Tractor Supply Co will be potentially one of the first tenants since it’s the first tenant site plan the Council approved.

This project and several others including the Silo Subdivision on the Weems family property just west of the Lafayette Promenade and Nine Mile Corner just east of 287 and east of Silo and NE of Promenade are coming at a confluence of what’s become a high-traffic and rapidly developing area over the last few years.

These projects don’t come without controversy as the town of Erie and the City of Lafayette arm wrestle constantly over various proposed residential and commercial developments at these crossroads.

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Boulder’s Chautauqua Park Overwhelmed

chautauqua trailhead restingBoulder‘s famous Chautauqua Park at the foot of the Flatirons and the adjacent, University Hill Neighborhood (AKA ‘The Hill”)  is finally hitting a tipping point in use, or perhaps over use as the city struggles to manage parking and the impact of an ever increasing number of visitors.

The area near here generally referred to as the East Chautauqua Neighborhood is even beginning to feel some of the same impact as so many people come to this part of town, especially on the week ends.

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Erie Colorado Wise Farm Redevelopment

Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 11.03.24 AMIn Erie Colorado, there’s a proposed redevelopment at Wise Farm… specifically a portion of the property south of Jasper Road and west of 199th St.

There’s apparently a bundle of ordinances on board to be weighed tonight that could change the property’s zoning.

The proposed intent is to increase the density of homes that might be built at this location. Locals seem to object to these plans. The question still remains: Where are the thousands of buyers flooding our front range area going to live if we don’t find ways to provide additional housing?

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Boulder County Oil And Gas Development

oil and gas drillingResidents of Boulder County may soon see oil and gas development even though the county has tried to prevent drilling and exploration for a very long time.

The county is currently being sued over the moratorium on oil and gas development that’s about to expire on May 1st.

The county may also have some legal battles about the regulations the Boulder Board of County Commissioners passed last month.

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