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OUTM_Magazine_Header_1According to Outside Magazine, Boulder, Colorado is home to some top-rated employers.

Just being in Boulder, Boulder County, or even anywhere is Colorado isn’t necessarily enough to make everything work when locating a company headquarters, however some would say it certainly can’t hurt!

Here’s some of the top shops that made Outside Magazine’s top 100 list:

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Lafayette Colorado New Residential Development Hearteye Project

weems hearteye propertyLafayette, Colorado may have a new residential development soon as pressure mounts to provide more housing to the booming area.

An 80-acre parcel owned for many years by the Weems family just west of Highway 287 and south of Arapahoe Road has been home to what’s historically been referred to as the Boulder Valley School. (That’s the sign you’ll see on the south side of Arapahoe if you drive by the property to check it out.

The plan includes a proposal for over 450 single-family homes, as well as multi-family units and a small bit of neighborhood commercial use development intended primarily to support the proposed Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farm which is intended to be part of the project.

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Boulder Valley School District Construction Projects

Casey Middle School Old North Boulder

Boulder Valley Schools are targeted for updates and in a few cases Boulder schools will get complete rebuilds based on the 2014 bond issue worth almost $600 million. a few years ago, Boulder completely rebuilt  Casey Middle School .

While still in the planning and design phases, BVSD is making repairs and upgrades to all of the 55 schools in the district.

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More Free Boulder Parking

Parking Boulder SignThere are many changes to the parking availability and rules coming to downtown Boulder in a couple of months.

Some parking areas which are currently either reserved for city employees or fee-based areas will be available to the public, and in other areas, parking spaces will be removed, or the time limit for free parking will be reduced.

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Boulder Creek Neighborhoods

boulder creek neighborhoods louisville coloradoBoulder Creek Neighborhoods has another new project called Lanterns, and I had the opportunity to visit during their ‘dirty boots’ tour last weekend. I don’t always post about builders and developers, but when I find a local provider who stands out in a good way, I think it’s worthy to share with you what I notice.

I’ve really had good success with clients buying from Boulder Creek Neighborhoods. The process goes smoothly, the staff is responsive, and
the product is quite exceptional.

We’ve done work with them at Steel Ranch Patio Homes, Overlook at Steel Ranch, DELO and Calmante in Rock Creek.

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