Longmont Colorado Real Estate Price Analysis

housing prices increaseThe Longmont, Colorado real estate market is still in a strong growth mode, however I think sellers are reaching a little too optimistically and are over-pricing homes for sale in today’s market.

The graphic below, which you can click on to enlarge, shows how the average price per square foot is indeed increasing, yet sellers continue to ask more than the market will bear as compared to what’s sustainable and supported by what buyers are willing to pay.

Average price per square foot isn’t always the best way to analyze value in a narrow time period, but it is an excellent way to get a handle on how things are trending. That’s what we’re attempting to evaluate is the trend in the marketplace right now.

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Boulder Colorado Summer Fest Bands On The Bricks

Bands On The Bricks Boulder ColoradoLike live music? There’s something special for you in the summer in downtown Boulder, Colorado.

Head down to Boulder’s Pearl Street Mall for Bands on the Bricks: Wednesdays, June 10th through August 12th this year. Sometime in May we’ll likely see a lineup of which bands will be playing this year.

This is one of Boulder County’s premier outdoor summer concert series, and it’s free!

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Lafayette Colorado Real Estate Market

home-sales-up-315-304The Lafayette, Colorado real estate market situation is good, and based on price per square foot, the trend is definitely upwards.

I have for you with a chart to give you an image which should help you get a better picture of how things are looking in this market over the last three years.

While average price per square foot isn’t always the best way to analyze value in a narrow time period (such as when you’re coming up with a price to sell your home), it is an excellent way to get a handle on how things are trending, and that’s the basis for this post is to illuminate what the trends look like for Lafayette right now based on the last three years.

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McClintock Trail Chautauqua Boulder Open Space Mountain Parks

Boulder Flatirons McClintock Trailboulder colorado mcclintock trailThe McClintock trail is a great launching point to head into the forest along a beautiful path in the Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks system of trails.

If you like hiking on single track trail through the woods this is a wonderful route heading south from Chautauqua Park.

Since it’s only about a half mile long, you may want to continue on along the Mesa Trail to extend your adventure to other trails such as Kohler Mesa, Skunk Canyon, Woods Quarry and others.

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Boulder Hospital Broadway Campus

boulder hospitalBoulder’s Community Hospital, now actually called Boulder Community Health, is planning to sell its 8 acre site near Broadway and Balsam.

The hospital has been at this same location for over 85 years.

Word on the street is that the City of Boulder wants to buy the site which includes the hospital building as well as the medical offices building on Alpine Avenue.

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