SanDisk acquires Fusion-io



Fusion-io, the Salt Lake City – based flash drive maker was recently acquired by SanDisk Corp, another flash drive maker for over $1 billion recently.

I’ve driven by a building locally with the Fusion-io logo on it and often wondered about the details on what was cooking over there, but not until this acquisition made the news did it get more of my attention.

While the Fusion-io stocks are no longer trading on Nasdaq, it hopefully means good things for Fusion-io owners and workers who have facilities in two locations in Boulder county.

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Boulder Real Estate Q1 & Q2 Market Data

Boulder Colorado Updated KitchenIt’s been a very active and exciting market during the first half of the year in 2014 in Boulder.

We started off with low inventory, and hence with fewer than normal homes for sale, it was common to see multiple offers on homes for sale all over the city.

As we moved from spring into summer, the number of homes for sale increased to about 20% over the same time last year, and this has slowed the price increases a bit, but we’re still seeing most homes in Boulder selling rather quickly if they’re priced right and presented well.

Check out some statistics:

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Rural Boulder County Colorado and Open Space

Boulder County Colorado Open Space

IMG_4248There are many areas around Boulder County Colorado that look like farms, ranches and such, but are actually part of our Open Space.

What’s especially cool about this though is many of these areas are both.  One of the paths I often take going to and from my daily stops as a Realtor is land that’s  still used as farm and ranch by a local family who’s been here for several generations.

I stop occasionally to pick up farm-fresh eggs along the way when they’re available, and so in addition to the local farm-to-table restaurants, you can find your own supplies all over the county.

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Boulder Newlands Home Sneak Peek

Boulder Colorado Newlands HomeI went to a home in the Newlands neighborhood recently to  take another look for some clients who live out of town.

They’re going to be moving to Boulder soon, and we needed to review some of the details.

If you’re thinking about a move, this is one way we can get you more info on a home you may be considering when you need more info and you’re not in town. Along with a ‘virtual’ showing using FaceTime or just being on the phone can also help quite a bit to see what’s around that corner.

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Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Shutting Down?

fannie mae


Three Congressional Representatives, Democrats from Maryland, Connecticut, and Delaware, introduces housing finance reform legislations  in a recent series of proposed GSE reforms today.

GSE reform refers to the efforts by Congress and the Administration to reform the
institutions that help fund mortgages in the United States. GSE stands for Government
Sponsored Enterprise and is generally used as a generic reference for organizations
chartered by the government to facilitate the flow of money into mortgage products.
Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and Ginnie Mae are examples of GSEs.

What this may mean to you is the end of access to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac type loans as we’ve known them.

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