What’s Hot for 2008: Seven Trends To Watch For


1. Take a cue from high-end homes.

Luxury homes showcase the latest in floor plans, appliances and décor. Check out your local tour of homes or visit some open houses in new construction neighborhoods. Living spaces like mudrooms and home offices are all the rage; formal living rooms are not.


2. Stick with your style.

Many experts agree that your remodeling projects should reflect the style of your home. For example, if you live in an ultra-contemporary condo, a quaint country kitchen might seem out of place and turn off potential buyers when you’re ready to sell.


3. Kitchen updates.

The kitchen is the heart of the home for many families and in addition to food preparation it’s also a place
to pay bills and do homework. Today’s kitchens tend to be open and often include cabinets for TVs, computers and small appliances. Quartz counters, upscale cabinets in Cherry, Maple and other more exotic woods are showing up in higher end homes.


4. Go green.

Eco-friendly materials like bamboo flooring are gaining in popularity. So are Energy Star® appliances, multi-pane low-e windows, and energy efficient lighting products such as those equipped with fluorescent equivalent bulbs, which increase energy efficiency are all fairly common and certainly in high demand for the added benefit of both cost savings and home comfort. There are a wide variety of energy-saving products that can save you money.


5. Go outside.

Outdoor living spaces are the latest trend in adding a room without adding four walls. At the high end of the market, outdoor living rooms, kitchens and fireplaces are becoming standard.

6. Technically speaking

. . . As our lives become more dependent on technology, homes will become “smarter”, allowing homeowners to remotely arm a home security system, turn appliances on and off, and control thermostats.

7. Artisan color trends.

The colors of 2007/2008 turn over a new leaf encompassing the natural, the ethereal, the homespun and the restful. These vivid elements inspire sophistication, regality, and simplicity.


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