Washing Machine Hoses Cause $170 Million in Damages, Is your Boulder Real Estate Safe?

puroclean.gifInsurance statistics show that washing machine hose failure causes approximately $170 million in damages to homes in the United States and Canada. I don’t know how many homes in our Boulder real estate market are in jeopardy or not.

According to information from PuroClean, a company specializing in FIRE, WATER and MOLD restoration, and Allstate Insurance Agent, Catherine Davis, the true number might be even higher as this amount accounts for reported claims only and often times the cost to fix the problem does not exceed the homeowners deductible.

In order to reduce your exposure to water damage, washing machine hoses should be replaced every five years.

Catherine has been a recent resource of great helpful information including a recent report on Fire Prevention Tips and I expect others to follow in lieu of the recent fire at Gold Run Condos in Boulder.

We’ll have more homeowner tips on how to be sure you’re buying the right kind of coverage for your home in future postings.


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