Tucker Wakabayashi Launches Wakaglow

An old friend of mine, Dennis Wakabayashi, has a son named Tucker.  Tucker launched a company called Wakaglow, and the whole thing is up and running with a cool website.

Given that his dad was the driving force behind our former company, and the directions it took back in the bleeding edge 1990’s of web development and e-commerce implementation, it’s no surprise to me that Tucker has the inspiration to make something like this happen.

With the help of such a creative and forward-thinking father, I’m sure Tucker’s business will be a huge success. Who know’s It may soon become another one of the great local businesses employing workers and fueling our strong local economy.

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Here’s some info straight from Tucker’s Wakaglow website:

WakaGlow started as “imagination time” at our house. Over the years we made lots of glowing costumes and toys. Tucker entered the 3rd grade and after school one day said “Dad, I was working on a business plan in school today, I’d like to start a business selling those things we make with glowing wire”.
That week, Tucker got in touch with the president of www.CoolNeon.com Mr. Benjamin James who took a liking to the industrious young man and agreed to sell wholesale to WakaGlow.
Tucker then went to his bank and secured a loan to purchase the first batch of products.The rest is history. =)

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