Tri City Mayor Forum At Boulder Area Realtor Association

The Boulder Area Realtor Association hosted a mayor forum last week which was slated to include mayors from Boulder, Superior and Louisville. As it turned out, Mayor Andrew Muckle from Superior could not attend, but the information… both verbal, and in printed hand-outs, was thorough and revealing.

What stood out most was the difference between the three speakers. Each with their own style of delivery, they shared valuable information about what’s happening in their particular city and how it relates to the overall county and region.

Boulder Mayor Shaun McGrath spoke about the general Boulder situation economically and touched on hot topics such as Smart Grid, the Economic Vitality Fund and eventually ballot issues. Louisville Mayor Chuck Sisk gave a typically warm and endearing presentation of his view that the relationship between all local communities is the key to our continued prosperity and success. Superior Town Board Trustee Joe Cirelli attended the panel in lieu of Mayor Andrew Muckle. Cirelli was recently elected along with Elia Gourgouris, and Debra Williams. Cirelli gave the most comprehensive and pertinent real estate-related download of what we can expect in terms of future development.

I think that while the information from each panel member was relevant and useful, it was intriguing to see the different approach each had during his presentation. I’ve seen Sisk several times and am always encouraged by the warm and embracing manner he delivers his message of cooperation. I think it’s a key to his ongoing successes as a local politician and policy-maker. A smart guy that seems to know how to get things done.

Eventually the topic of ConocoPhillips came to the forefront, and I was surprised it took so long. Something that hit the news recently dovetailed into the discussion. There’s rumor that the FasTracks program is in trouble and that due to cost overruns and delays, we may not see the commuter train line scheduled to service Louisville, Boulder, and Longmont come to completion. Now, I think it’s wild to think that given the current needs, combined with the anticipated ConocoPhillips campus construction, that anyone could conceive that FasTracks could be scrapped. That’s what the local media would like you to believe.

Sisk, McGrath and Cirelli all seemed to concur that it was a logical step to find ways to complete the planned development of FasTracks makes sense. Transportation issues continue to be in the forefront of everyone’s minds especially when considering the anticipated 7000 new jobs at ConocoPhillips over the next three to four years.

A key ingredient for Superior that may reveal some major changes on the horizon is the proposed ‘Town Center’. Cirelli indicated that he believes development of the Town Center — Superior’s primary development opportunity — will accelerate quickly due to the pressure for housing and lifestyle solutions created by the ConocoPhillips development.

Mayor Sisk from Louisville said that ‘transportaion oriented developments’ will continue to be the smart focus of local communities, and as such, completion of FasTracks and other possible multi-modal transportation solutions are key to solfing our current and future needs.

Sisk went on to say that transportation is a key element for the success of the local communities near the ConocoPhillips campus, and that all regional city governments and leaders will need to continue working to come together to cooperate and find creative ways to find solutions for its respective citizens for employment, housing and multi-modal transportation between the two.

I would agree with Mayor Sisk on a point about ConocoPhillips that this is economically, one of the biggest events to come to our region since IBM in the 1960’s. If that’s true, how do you think our area will prosper over the next few decades?

ConocoPhillips will perhaps help our area become the center of alternative energy for the Nation, if not the world, according to Sisk. With relationships available and starting to build among entities such as ConocoPhillips, NREL, NCAR, Colorado School of Mines, C.U. Boulder, Colorado State University, and Nist, I think our region is perched to become a mecca of alternative energy development and the prosperity associated with that which we will benefit from on many levels for decades to come.


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