Trees Help Your Home Sell Faster

Have you ever noticed that when you’re looking for a new home, the neighborhoods which stand out to you are often the ones with what we often refer to as ‘mature landscape’?

If you see a home with no trees, and not much in terms of landscaping, I’m thinking that unless that homeowner loves digging, which apparently he does not, he should have called Boulder Landscaper, Rafael Gonzalez, trained in Bath, England…  he really knows his stuff. Call him at: (303) 875-2644. (shameless plug for Rafael, he is fantastic at what he does, and is fair, honest and affordable).

Generally what most people are responding to when they like this sense of mature landscape is trees. That usually means larger, older trees.

Well, if you moved into your home many years ago, and were left with an empty back yard, let’s hope that you didn’t make the mistake many people make. You didn’t just slap down some sod, line the edges with river rock and a six-foot cedar fence did you?

Call, text, or email me today! … I’d seriously enjoy having the opportunity to talk to you about your plans if you’re moving, or if you know someone who is considering a move, and needs some straight answers.

If you haven’t planted any trees, or perhaps you lost a tree in recent years to a heavy spring storm, or like many people in Boulder county, lost a tree or two to boring insects, now may be the perfect time to plant a few new trees.

Pick the right species and you could have some lovely shade, and an inviting landscape for yourself in fairly short order. Oh yeah, and it’ll help you sell your home, likely for more money, and in less time than your neighbor. Remember, he’s the one who just put up a fence and threw down some sod. Probably the same one that never reset the sprinkler system after the first season and so now every time the lawn gets watered, most of it runs off the lawn and down the street.

The Tree Farm, up near Longmont, Colorado on highway 52, just slightly east of highway 287, has an annual tree sale about this time of year. You can usually save somewhere around 50%, and instead of waiting until you’re ready to sell, and then having a pathetic little twig staked out in the middle of the lawn with big, ugly fence posts roped to it, how about planting now?

Don’t want the hassle of digging and transporting and planting? Call Rafael at (303) 875-2644. He can handle any size landscaping project you may have. Planting one tree, or an entire make-over, including walkways, ponds, fountains, shrubs, etc. Rafael is an excellent Boulder Landscaper.

You’ll be glad you did. Especially if you do it now, long before you actually are ready to move and begin marketing your home. Just like an interior update such as a kitchen or bath, I recommend that you do it now, so you have a chance to enjoy your home with the updates, whether inside or out. Since you don’t get a dollar-for-dollar return when you sell, it makes sense to have some time to live with, and enjoy the ‘facelift’ of your home.

The good news later, is that when other homes languish on the market, yours will sell more quickly, and likely at a higher price than that “plane Jane”, or out-dated home down the street.

Thinking about buying a new home, getting ready to sell, or know someone who plans to move? I think we should talk.

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Zachary Epps, GRI, ABR, REALTOR®, Eco-Broker®, full-time RE/MAX professional, and author of the Boulder Real Estate and Neighborhood Guide, The Boulder Condo Guide, and The Home Buyer’s Handbook.


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