The Boulder Peloton Buyer Update

anna-holland1.jpgI had the very wonderful opportunity to meet Peloton buyers, Mark and Anna Holland, recently. Mark and Anna are very excited to be closing in on their move-in date at the The Peloton Boulder.

After commenting on one of my blog posts, Mark and I exchanged some email and agreed to meet so that I could get some more insight into what it’s like from a buyer’s perspective in dealing with The Peloton.

I met Mark and Anna at Anna’s jewelry studio so that we could talk face to face and I could hear how their experience has been at The Peloton.

anna-holland2.JPGAs it turns out, Anna is a well known jewelry artist and has a world-wide client base including many European galleries. The business is called dorje designs (lower caps intentional) and it’s focus is on original, antique and ancient ethnographic jewelry and beads from around the globe. That sounds like a mouth-full but that’s straight from Anna’s website and it really does the best job of summarizing what she does.

It was also interesting to learn a little bit about where Mark and Anna came from, why they chose The Peloton and a little bit about making such a major lifestyle choice.

Mark said that what originally attracted him to the Peloton was a free breakfast!

They had an appointment to go over to the sales office for later in the afternoon but decided to stop over in the morning. As it turned out, they were very interested in a penthouse condo that had been originally chosen by the developer. The unit had become available (the developer since chose a location combining two large units) but Mark and Anna wouldn’t know if they could sign up for the one they wanted for about an hour and a half.

Time for some breakfast. So while they waited for another buyer to decide on buying the one Mark and Anna wanted, or the unit just below (these other buyers had a first right of refusal on both units), it was time to get a little free grub.

The cards were in their favor and Mark and Anna soon learned that they could get the unit they wanted. Listed at right around $1,000,000.00, they had chosen one of the largest and most exclusive locations on the property with outstanding views, about 1800 square feet and all the room they felt they needed.

Having sold their Devil’s Thumb home to scale back, they now are extremely excited to move into their new lifestyle at The Peloton. Anna will continue to work on her jewelry and neither of them will be distracted by yardwork, snow shoveling or any other typical interferences.

Anna said that they did check out other projects such as One Boulder Plaza and some of the other projects downtown because she originally didn’t want to be too far east. Her final decision to buy at The Peloton has been reinforced by the ongoing experiences she and Mark have with the project and the staff. She and Mark tell me that they are continually impressed by the sales staff’s professionalism and pleasant attitude.

The fact that the community center is built first and that the project is fully funded is a big plus too. Mark said that this was really important to him and they love the fact that they’ve already been able to use some of the facilities for parties even though they haven’t moved in yet.

I’d like to think that a new friendship has begun. Mark and Anna are wonderful people and if you’re thinking about a move to The Peloton, you’ll have to take the time to meet both of them.

I have other friends who also are buying at The Peloton. I was given the privilege of representing them as a Buyer’s Agent since I’ve known them for a while and if you have thoughts about investigating buying at The Peloton, or any other Boulder project, please consider having a Buyer’s Agent represent you. As nice as sales associates can be, and apparently are at The Peloton, they represent the seller/developer and not a buyer’s primary interests. If you have questions, drop me an email.

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