Superior Real Estate at Rock Creek and How To Pick A Realtor

It’s picking up on the seller side at Rock Creek. Superior real estate is getting more active as sellers put their homes on the market at a brisk pace.

Just a couple weeks ago I ran some numbers and found only 32 homes for sale. Now a quick review shows 54 single-family homes for sale. That doesn’t include condos (or any other type of attached home like a townhome or anything else you want to call it).

A curious thing continues to plague unsuspecting sellers: some agents don’t participate in the local MLS system and therefore lots of potential buyers are unaware the home is for sale. Of the 54 for sale a handful are only in the Denver MLS system since the seller chose a Realtor that’s out of the area. Often this happens when a seller picks a Realtor without learning how that agent plans to market the property and how familiar the agent is with the Rock Creek (or any other) subdivision and neighborhood.

I feel badly for these sellers because it’s really tough for them to know what they’re getting and what benefits will help. They often don’t know the right questions to ask and can end up with their home sitting on the market for a very long time. I’ve also seen homes listed with an out-of-area agent that are overpriced. There’s one on my street. It’s not in our local system, so many local agents won’t even see it to know to show it. While I run all my searches in both systems, many agents don’t do this. This home is also overpriced and it’s over priced a lot.

It’s been on the market for a long time and other homes have come up for sale and sold while this one languishes.

Yep, it’s a bummer to have to look at another agent’s sign every day when you come and go from your own home. I get it though; it’s past relationships and loyalty. I admire and respect that kind of loyalty and always hope that I’ll get the same continued trust from my clients and friends.

Just make sure that you ask some questions and find out some basic things like what your agent will do to make sure the most buyer’s agents and buyers will see your home for sale. Do they understand the local neighborhood and what’s happening in the market? Are they up to speed on, Zillow, Trulia, or Craig’s List? Do they know which are still used, which are not and what’s the difference?

A Realtor can do the research, present the data and spell out the services and benefits to get a home sold. It’s not just about a sign in the yard and putting it into the system… but that’s a good start; especially if it’s the right system!

Here’s an example:

I had a listing in Thornton recently that the sellers wanted to sell and close very quickly. This was a market and an area where there were many homes that had been on the market for quite a long time, and if you asked people in the area, things were not moving well in that neighborhood. I provided the sellers with solid research, the proper tools and truly effective marketing. From this, they were able to get an offer to purchase their home in less than two weeks and we closed the transaction in about 30 days. This happened while other homes that were already for sale still sat unsold. I was very happy to have had the opportunity to help them. These people have become friends as well as clients.

A similar situation happened near Brighton, Colorado. I had a home for sale that even went on the market in the winter months in an area with low demand, foreclosures all over the place and a strong need from the seller to get to a new place. We brought all the right things to this home and again, success where others were failing. The home sold in about 95 days in a market where many homes were either falling off the market without selling, being dumped at below market prices or falling into foreclosure with average market times of 5 to 6 months or more!

It’s not an accident when things go well. It’s proper planning, solid research, experience and dedication to do everything that needs to be done and doing it all the right way. Things continue to change, tools become better, new opportunities open up and you should be certain you get every service and benefit available to get the results you deserve.

You have lots of choices and you need to ask yourself what it costs if you to fail to sell your house. How long do you want to wait?

Whatever you choose to do, I wish you well. There are many sources of information on this site that might help you determine what’s best for you when you’re ready to sell. If you need more answers, give me a call or drop me an email.

The Superior / Rock Creek market is warming up and with ConocoPhillips taking over the old Storage Tek site, there are good things on the horizon.


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