Superior Colorado Home Rule Controversey

superior home for saleThe Town of Superior has been toying around with the idea of switching to “Home Rule” recently, and it’s sparked a bit of controversy and even confusion among town residents.

One local Superior resident said, “The Town of Superior Council is pushing for “Home Rule” status. This would allow them (us) to become exempt from many state laws including the ability to add additional taxes and levy’s as the Council see’s fit to do without having a ballot measure as they must do now.

A quick check with a couple of my contacts on the Town Board came back with a correction to this concern.

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The correction or clarification on the Home Rule question, and how it may or may not affect your property taxes goes like this:

Some taxes can be voted in by the council without a ballot measure such as hospitality tax, some business taxes, internet sales tax, but mil levies on property taxes and such can’t be passed without a ballot vote.

From what I’ve been picking up, the struggle for some folks with the Home Rule issue at this time is that the only people interested in making recommendations on a committee to even pursue IF home rule is beneficial for our town are only the very experienced political people.

From what I understand, currently only bonding, elections, and referendums are subject to a ballot measure. As I understand it, under state statutes, if the Town Board wants to build on land owned by the Town, allow a developer to build on annexed land, annex land to the town boundaries, or buy land, it can do so without a ballot measure.

I believe that those are pretty significant issues.  That they could be changed under Home Rule is perhaps an important issue to examine. I understood that the home rule creators could limit the Town Board authority,  and could require a vote to the people on certain issues. This could affect Superior residents in significant ways.

I imagine that it would be good to look at the law on those specific taxes, and it could be a good step to confirm if they are indeed subject to a ballot measure or not, before making a determination about what you think about the home rule issue.

There’s been some controversy about Superior having its own library also. I ran the issue by a friend of mine who lives out of state. Here’s an excerpt from his comments:

The issue of the library is a bad one.  Pay the adjacent municipality to use their facility….it will be less expensive in the long run and not require the infrastructure needed to run a library.  I would look carefully at those making this proposal and try and determine their ulterior motives….

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