Super Real Estate Deals In Superior CO

I was out with some of my investor buyers this week in Superior looking at bank-owned homes for sale. I’ve noticed that the number of homes for sale in the Rock Creek Subdivision of Superior has been really low this year, and now it’s changed.

If you’re thinking about buying real estate in Superior, call or email me today for the latest information.

While there are still very few homes for sale in Rock Creek, and bank-owned homes have been pretty scarce in this subdivision, two have come up in the last month or so at the entry-level price range.

Both of these are great opportunities for investor buyers looking to add rentals to their inventory of ‘hold-and-rent’ properties.

So you may ask, why would I tell you this, if my own buyers are looking at these? Because they’ll likely make a decision, and get something under contract to purchase by the time you read this. And when they do, that will still leave three or four great deals on the market.

This is definitely a time when prices are at an all-time low in Rock Creek for the more affordable homes. (Caveat: prices for single-family homes in Rock Creek start in the mid $200’s and go up almost to $1million.)

Bank-owned homes… those that are already through the foreclosure process, are relatively easy to buy compared to the short-sale transactions many people are considering. There are at least five bank-owned homes in Rock Creek, and the banks are ready to get these sold.

If you have a Realtor, check with your agent and see for yourself. If you don’t already have someone you’re working with, call or email me now so that I can get you inside one of these great opportunities.

-Zachary Epps, full-time professional Realtor® and EcoBroker®


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