Sprinkler Blow Out Time

backflow.jpgFor those of you in the the know about sprinklers and Colorado, it’s getting close to the time we’ll need to shut down sprinklers for the season so we don’t have costly repairs from frozen lines and broken anti-siphon valves in the spring.

Winterization of your irrigation / sprinkler system is very important in the Boulder valley area. It is essential to make sure the system is properly shut-down for the winter months. A service technician will use compressed air to blow out all the lines of the system and prep the system for the winter. This is a necessary step to maintain the system during the cold winter months.

One of my buyer clients, Shawn Paolino, a local engineer for Jones Lan LaSalle, provides this service at a very reasonable rate. (generally $25.00 for the typical suburban home with automatic sprinkler system) Call Shawn right away to schedule this service if you don’t want to try to tackle this yourself. His schedule may be filling up as we get deeper into October so go ahead and call him now at 303-704-2559.

You’ll be glad you got this done properly to avoid costly repairs next year!

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