Seven Tips To Sell Your Home Right Now

If you find that you must sell now and really want to get it done, consider acting like a salesperson and take away the emotional attachment to the home you want to sell. It doesn’t help you to have an emotional attachment to one of the largest financial interests you’ll ever have. Treat the process like a business.

Here are seven tips to consider when you’re ready to sell:

1. Don’t Wait.

Even in some of the best housing areas, it’s taking longer than it used to to sell homes. While the Boulder market isn’t as some areas of the country, average market times have increased in some areas. You can check real estate market updates in my blog for recent data but, don’t try to sit out the market. Lots of other homeowners are doing just that and the waiting isn’t getting their home sold. If you’re serious about selling, the surest way to make that happen is to put it up for sale now.

2. Fix It and Clean It.

I’m not suggesting major renovations, but all that ‘deferred maintenance’ has to be taken care of now. If your home needs painting, (and you know if you’re asking if it really does, you know the answer already) get it done. I’ll provide you with a pre-inspection so that you’ll know exactly what needs to be repaired, this way you won’t have any surprises when your buyers have their own inspection done later. I’ll also have your home cleaned just before we do photography.

3. Price It Right

You shouldn’t fight the market. It’s not going to work to shoot for the moon and think you can get every dollar from your improvements. It also won’t work to ‘set’ the new market high point if you want to get it sold right now. It doesn’t matter what you think it’s probably worth or what it might have been worth two or three years ago. That may not be what it’s worth today. Pick the price that gets it sold in the first week.

I’ll show you what prices have worked recently, and what prices sellers are trying to get right now. If you want to get it sold right away, price your home to beat the competition and you’ll get it done.

4. Hire A Top Real Estate Agent

Get the best agent you can find. When everything was selling before it even hit the market, you didn’t need the best, you could probably just go with the cheapest — but not these days. Don’t rely on your sister’s cousin that happens to have a real estate license. Insist on an agent that goes beyond the usual MLS listing, one or two open houses and a yard sign. If they start talking about how great their newspaper ad is, run like the wind.

5. Do Some Of Your Own Promoting.

Be ready to help your agent promote your listing. By sharing your contacts with your agent, he can make sure that you and he work together to let everyone you know understand that you’re ready to sell.

I print ‘for sale’ business cards for my sellers that promote their home and direct possible buyers back to me for more info and a showing. It’s another great way to empower sellers to promote the home easily and work as a team with my clients.

6. Consider Being The Bank.

With tight credit rules you could consider being the bank and financing some or all of the buyer’s purchase if you don’t have a mortgage.

While this may not work for many people, it’s an option to consider if you have the resources and it could get your home sold before the others on the market. be sure to consult with a great real estate attorney and CPA before you endeavor to become a bank and handle the financing.

7. Take The Offer.

Be ready to accept any reasonable offer. You don’t want to lose a buyer over a few dollars do you? Some sellers (and sometimes buyers also) get stuck using words like ‘it’s not fair’ or ‘it’s the principal I’m focused on’. That’s usually just nonsense. Remember, you’re working on a business transaction.

I’m all for strong negotiating, and there are many instances where the negotiating tactics and strategies I’ve utilized have worked very well for my clients. Consider carefully the market you’re in and decide if you need to sell right now. How strong or weak is the market since you purchased the home? If you need to sell immediately and it’s looking like a flat or weak market, consider all merits of the offer in hand before you reject it.

I had a client use a phrase once that really rang true with me. He said, “we’ve given them a very reasonable offer that appears to be at market rate for the home, why would the seller want to buy his home back for a few thousand dollars?” …”buy his home back”… what a concept! If you’re a seller and you have an offer in your hand, for all practical purposes, your home is sold! If you decide to squabble over a small amount you may lose your buyer and ‘buy your home back’ over that amount.

It’s worth keeping in mind that your house is worth exactly what a buyer is willing to pay for it. Let’s do our best to determine what that is and get it sold for you right away.


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