Senator Mark Udall Visits Sun Microsystems

Recently elected U.S. Senator Mark Udall believes that the economic stimulus package will have a positive effect on Colorado. 

I see this as another example of how the Front Range Colorado region, and the Boulder real estate market, are poised to prosper in the coming months and years due to continued job growth, and an emphasis on energy related research and technology.

Udall seems to have similar feelings, and reportedly said as much, during a meeting with 60 or so Sun Microsystems employees at a visit to the Broomfield-based campus at Interlocken.

Udall commented that our area will play a significant role in getting the economy back on track due to the state’s emphasis on green energy development, research, and jobs.I think this means continued strengthening in our local housing market as more job growth comes to our area. If you have some real estate plans, or questions about the local real estate market, call or email me today.

In terms of Sun, and the growth of our local economy; there seems to be a consensus between Sun Microsystems IT director and Udall, that Sun Micro has a lot to offer, and will maintain a key place in the future growth of the Boulder/Denver metro market. Sun continues to have a strong emphasis on digitizing medical records, as one example, to create what he called, a different way of practicing medicine, not just a different way of keeping records.

Udall was quoted recently as saying that he believes that he’s impressed with Sun’s track record, and especially how ‘cutting-edge’ the company looks like it’s poised to be in what he called the ‘new energy economy’.

This observation by Udall about Sun, and the implied reconfirmation of the Hwy 36 business and technology corridor between Boulder and Denver as a hot-bed for new business, especially in green/alternative energy related job growth is reassuring. 

We’ve heard a lot about Sun adjusting its work force recently, so it’s refreshing to get a look at some positive notes on the Sun Microsystem business model, and especially how it may have a noteworthy positive effect on local business and residents. 

Given that the Obama economic recovery package provides around $70 billion in tax breaks and funding for renewable energy and energy-efficient measures, it’s no wonder that Sun is investing in electronic grid technology. 

It also stands to reason then that we’ll see ConocoPhillips, and other smaller businesses, flourish as they ride into our area on the coattails of these business giants. I’ve been saying for some time now that we must focus our analysis on the local and regional economic indicators, and not be overly influenced by the national news, when we evaluate the strength of our Boulder area economic situation.

Sun continues to introduce products to the market that are both low-energy use, and progressively more recyclable. This is another example of a company with forward-thinking business goals that mesh well with the Colorado mind-set of green-based strategic future thinking.

I believe if we look closely, we will continue to see the positive effects of employers like Sun, ConocoPhillips, related smaller businesses, national labs like NREL, NIST, and NOAA. Closer attention to these employers will also reveal that the ecologically based mindset of our region has attracted a powerful force for supporting our economic future. The seeds were planted long ago, and the harvest is now appearing on the horizon. 

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Zachary Epps, full-time professional Realtor® and EcoBroker®… RE/MAX Alliance Boulder


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