Selling Boulder County TDC Details

Some of you have told me that you wanted a little more info about the Transferable Development Credits (TDC) Process and there have been some questions.

I’ve pulled some more info for you from my notes and a little bit of research. I hope this helps give you what you’re looking for regarding TDC rules and the process for application.

Call or email me for more information if you’re ready to explore the possibility of qualifying your home for a TDC sale, or if you want to consider the investment side of real estate in our area.

If you are thinking about applying to be able to sell TDCs, this is an outline of the process:

-TDC determination application

-title review

-restrictive covenant or conservation easement

-subordination of mortgages / deeds of trust

You’ve asked about how the county commissioners identified land they are making available for TDCs.

Boulder county commissioners have already identified property for open space that they wanted, and have picked them for selling TDCs to fund more open space purchases. This includes previously purchased open space which was already targeted for TDCs. If you are thinking of selling TDCs, and have land that qualifies, you will have to compete with the County when selling. This won’t be as tough as it sounds, and I have a good strategy for this.

Boulder County will review in December the prices they set for the current TDCs they have for sale. In Feb, County officials will review the entire program.

Boulder County currently has identified 60 TDCs available, and there are many more that can be added to the program. No new county open space is available for TDC sale, only old TDRs (transferrable development rights) and some specifically targeted TDC land that the county commissioners previously picked.

Essentially, if TDCs came from the open space program, it must go back to open space program… $ stays in the program that provided the TDC property.

Some of your questions were focused on the possible restrictions of selling TDCs.

Here are some of the limitations of selling TDCs:

-it is a permanent restriction (once you sell the TDC, you can’t buy back a TDC to remove the development restriction

-the same is true for vacant land. It can never be developed (can’t buy TDC’s later to develop)

-development size restriction can only be increased to 2000 sq ft. (no more). (with covenant amendment, according to Ruch becker of the TDC Clearinghouse)

If you find you’re considering a change and have some questions about real estate in our area, please send me an email or give me a call so we can talk about what’s important to you right now.

-Zachary Epps, full-time professional Realtor® and EcoBroker®


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