Search For Boulder Condos Ends Up In Superior, CO

photo.jpgWhat started out as a search through Boulder condos ultimately turned slightly eastward. As Tyson and Lindsey both work in Boulder and had been commuting from S/W Denver area, it was time to shorten the drive.

It didn’t take long to get through some possibilities and then a wonderful thing happened; we discovered one of the best locations in the Saddle Brook project in Superior, CO.

Their new home had recent renovations including a brand new kitchen with wonderful cherry wood cabinets and unbelievable views of the foothills and even the snow capped back range.

The California Closets updates in all three bedrooms were a cool bonus too since this is their first home and all of this came a a great price that fit well within their budget. They get a short drive to work, much more space than they originally planned to have and it was in the lower end of their preferred price range.

I also got to meet and start a new friendship with Tyson and Lindsey which, if you’ve worked with me or talked to me much, you know is one of the great benefits I value in my work. These guys are great people and we had a wonderful time finding them their new home.


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