Saxy’s Cafe In Downtown Boulder

photo_022708_011.jpgSo this place has been open for over a year and I just got there recently. Wow, there are new restaurants and coffee shops constantly opening up everywhere. It seems like every week there’s something new.

This place is really pretty cool and what I like about it most is that the coffee is darn good. It’s not burned and overheated like a lot of places around town that shall for now remain unnamed.

photo_022708_010.jpgIt’s also in a cool spot too, just north of Sushi Tora at 2018 10th st.; in what I remember being a hair salon once upon a time.

From what I can tell, they serve food, some breakfast items and even have a wine bar. Now we’re talking… I think some people will hang out all day long… but I can’t since I have work to do!

photo_022708_014.jpgThere were the usual half dozen or so people hanging out with earbuds in and notebook computers open working on who-knows-what. Still… lots of room for more folks as the front area of this place is very spacious and there’s even some sidewalk seats.

photo_022708_015.jpgWhat’s nice about this particular sidewalk seating is this isn’t sitting on pearl street or Broadway or some other busy boulevard with cars whizzing by and dust blowing into your cappuccino foam.

It’s a very nice side street (10th) with trees, brick store fronts and even some peekaboo views of the mountains depending on the time of year.

photo_022708_017.jpgI think it’s worth a visit and I’m going back later in the day sometime soon to see what the evening crowd looks like.

Dig those chandeliers!


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