Ruby’s Another Boulder Restaurant Burger Opportunity

rubysWhile it’s no Toms Tavern, Ruby’s at Twenty Ninth Street, is another sort of ‘classic’ restaurant.

rubys insideWith a 1950’s era theme and all the eye candy trimmings to go with that, they do a pretty decent job of turning out a burger. There’s a little less of a feel that they’re geared towards the kids in the way that Red Robin does. I like that.

With a lighted sign on the side of the escalator, I’m sure that the foot traffic coming up to them from the now very-busy, Century Theater is keeping them selling lots of hamburgers.

rubysThere’s nothing remarkable that I could find at Ruby’s but it’s good straight forward burgers and fries in a very clean, well-lit atmosphere with (mostly) friendly people that seem to be trying to do a good job of learning the ropes and pulling the corporate line for the franchise.

rubys burger and friesWorth checking out once or twice and definitely a place that the kids will tolerate well. You won’t go hungry either as the portions are good.

If you don’t want the 1950’s theme and want something more tropically oriented, you can walk down the 29th pedestrian mall a short distance and check out Islands for a different burger and fries experience.

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  1. Chris on May 3rd, 2008 3:50 pm

    Who’s that handsome guy in the picture??

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