Remax Boulder and Coburn Development Projects

Remax of Boulder and John McElveen and Julie Meko have previously teamed up with Coburn Development on a couple of projects including The Crescent and Zamia Park at the Holiday Neighborhood.

John McElveen continues to be strong in the market of representing builder’s projects in selling Boulder real estate for builders, and he’s been doing that for a number of years. I’ve been watching his progress in this arena for a while and admire his ability to handle high-end new projects for builders.

I’ve had the opportunity to visit many of the projects that he and Remax of Boulder have listed with local developers including the Coburn Development projects, others in the Holiday Neighborhood, and other locations around Boulder.

The Holiday Neighborhood is a recent mixed use infill development that includes many eco-friendly and Built Green products.

For you star-gazers in the area, the Holiday Neighborhood website even touts lighting that emphasizes style and quality so as to minimize light pollution.

While most of the homes in the Coburn Development projects of Holiday are sold out, there are enough people still on the move so that if you’re interested in the area, we’re seeing what are now pre-owned homes being sold and back on the market for sale at some of the areas of the project.

We’re looking at several other projects in the Boulder real estate market including The Peloton, The Walnut and maybe even One Boulder Plaza to see what’s going on that’s new at those Boulder condo projects.


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