Photo Voltaic A Key to Eliminating Your Electricity Bill

So I picked up the phone and made a few calls recently about our upcoming neighborhood pic-nic and one of the people I talked to is a very sharp woman that I met many months ago.

The irony is that I’ve had lots of thoughts about alternative energy on my mind (who hasn’t?!) and when we started talking the conversation immediately moved to photo voltaic solar panels and other energy saving modifications to her home. She has some interesting ideas.

I say interesting because Elizabeth is in the middle of embracing several different energy saving modifications to her home. Things such as photo voltaic and blown cellulose insulation are more often what homeowners think of during construction orĀ  which are found in ‘custom’ homes. Not necessarily in a typical suburban neighborhood and less frequently in a town home.

Yes, I did also mention the other day that I saw one of my other neighbors in Superior had added photo voltaic panels to their roof. I suppose that I wasn’t sure about how a homeowner in Superior would get around the very restrictive by-laws in that we have in Rock Creek. I’m glad to see them set a precedence.

I’m taking Elizabeth’s advice and I’m going to do some research and interview her, and also my other neighbor, if they’ll let me, to get some facts on how much energy they’re saving with the changes to their homes. I’m hoping it’s a lot. In fact, it’ll be great to see if they’ll get to sell some of their extra electricity back to Excel Energy.

Most of the focus in material I’ve read so far about alternative building products and alternative energy solutions seems to be oriented around new construction or people talking about complete remodels. I think it’s been hard for homeowners to get their heads around the idea that there are many things they can do to an existing home to save money, reduce damage to the environment and improve the comfort level in their home — without making the home look like some futuristic, Buckminster Fuller geodesic dome.

I’ll report back as I gather more data on my neighbor’s successes with their efforts to capture solar energy and reduce or eliminate their electricity bill. With so many sunny days in Colorado, it seems a shame to let it all go to waste.


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