Owners of Boulder Real Estate May Pay More For H20

water11.jpgFortunately for residential water users, it sounds like both water use is down and costs are down. Strange thing is, Boulder business owners water use is down but their costs are up. What’s up with that?

water2.jpgAnother great article at the Boulder County Business Report by David Clucas reports that the city’s latest figures through June 2007 show that despite lowering their water use two percent from 2006, commercial and industrial accounts were charged nearly 10 percent more for their water than the previous year.

water3.jpgHere’s some stats for those of you who like data:

For all users, the city’s residents, businesses and irrigators used a total of 2,076,421,000 gallons of water from January through June this year, compared to 2,444,605,000 gallons during the same period last year – a 15.06 percent decline.

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