No Library For Superior Residents

Most people in Superior know that the Louisville public library is now off limits. Yes, as of yesterday it is official; Your Louisville library card is now invalid if you live in Superior.

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What gets me about this Louisville library issue, is that the two cities couldn’t come to an agreement without letting things come to a head over the dispute to the extent that now over 3000 local residents are forced to drive to one of several other cities to take their kids to story time, or check out a book.

I’ve used a Boulder library card since about 1982, since I lived in downtown Boulder at the time I got the card. While I still have a Boulder address, but also have a Superior address, I was ‘outed’ by Louisville library staff recently. Even with those credentials, I was told not to return to the library after 1/1/9. Or at least, was informed that I could not use most services at the library after 12/31/8.

Seems I was recognized due to my neighborhood marketing, and also making my way around the neighborhood with my kids. Ah, the price of face and name recognition! Such irony that the one time I hoped to fly ‘under the radar’… I could not.

I’m sure something will be resolved eventually. Having an agreement between Superior and Louisville again is good for the library overall, and like many things of this nature, those driving this issue must focus on what’s best for the library and the entire community it serves.

Here’s an overview of the history of the Louisville library as borrowed from the Louisville library website:

1924–1941      Inhabited a few shelves on the second floor of the old town hall building on Main Street
1941–1949     Occupied a vacated school building at 801 Grant Street
1949–1957     Moved to a small building near the corner of Main and Spruce Streets
1957–1979     Occupied a small room in the City Hall building at 712 Main Street
1980     Became housed in the new City Hall building at 749 Main Street
1990     Moved into the building at 950 Spruce Street, utilizing 10,000 square feet of an existing office and retail space
1994     Expanded approximately 3,400 square feet, taking over the entire building at 950 Spruce Street
August 7, 2006     Doors opened at the new, 32,500 square-foot library building at 951 Spruce Street

and my addition:

January 1, 2009     Library closed to Superior residents.

And another tidbit:

The Louisville library public website states the service policy as :

The Library will serve all residents of the City of Louisville and other persons served by a hometown library.

Do Superior residents not find service from the use of a ‘hometown library’? How would you interpret that policy statement?

Perhaps we’ll see our two cities come together again so that we can find amiable resolution to this unfortunate disagreement. Then Louisville won’t need to update its service policy on its website! Ah, I’m optimistic as always though…

In the meantime, Boulder has a great library, and according to Tony Tallent, the Boulder Library and Arts Director, as reported in the Boulder Daily Camera, the goal of his facility is “to keep open and free access for as many residents as possible… we want people in the area to use our library.”

I’ll see you in Boulder.

If you want more info you can read the article in the Boulder Daily Camera on the issue.

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