New Businesses Along Frontage Road

I was visiting a friend last week who recently moved to Boulder. We met for coffee at a new spot just beside his new office. There’s a new building on Aurora called The Lotus Center, just east of the 28th Street frontage road that has a coffee shop, a market with a deli, and some new offices spaces available for rent.

We met there because my friend just opened an office for his business next door, so it’s a convenient way to talk about his plans, and get away from the phone for a few minutes. Plus they have some great coffee! Doug came from Virginia, and a career in telecommunications to open a Mr. Handyman franchise. He now has Boulder, Longmont and some of the surrounding areas as his exclusive territory.

The coffee shop, who’s name escapes me, is a locally owned business that serves some excellent, hand-made coffee which far surpasses anything Starbucks can crank out. John, the owner, seems to really take pride in the craftsmanship of his brew, and true to a local-shop style, he remembers your name, and has the interest and time to talk.

If you’re anywhere near 28th and Aurora, it’s easy to find as this is a brand new building with a spacious parking lot on the north east corner of Aurora and the frontage road.

The market just opened a couple weeks ago. It is called, Sunrise Market & Deli opened at 900 28th St. It sells grocery products, about half of which will be natural and organic, and delivery is available.

Since there are so many high-density residential buildings nearby, I think this small shopping center should do well. When having coffee with Doug we saw many CU students, and also several senior citizens walking by and checking out the market and coffee shop. There are many established residential buildings in the area, and some new things going in. The Landmark Lofts is about a block away and there’s a motel around the corner, but not too much in the way of markets or good coffee to be had in the area… until now.

I’m sure I’ll meet Doug for coffee again soon as we’re working on finding a new home for him and his family. In the meantime, if you need any help finding a new home, or know someone that is ready to move, I’d consider it a privilege to have the opportunity to help.

Thanks for reading, I hope you continue to find the content on my website useful and informative.

-Zachary Epps, Full-Time Professional Realtor.


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