More Area Jobs On The Way?

Broomfield City Council apparently approved a tax rebate deal for a potential area employer.

This time, it’s another New York based company who’s contemplating the move to our area, and it could mean as many as over 500 jobs for Broomfield.

The arrangement with TransFirst Holdings, according to the Daily Camera last week, includes a requirement that TransFirst have 450 employees at its Broomfield office by the end of 2010, and another 75 workers or more by 2012.

This would make TransFirst the seventh largest employer in Broomfield.

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Level 3 Communications is the largest employer in Broomfield, currently holding at about 2,000 employees, and one other employer, Sandoz has about 550 workers in Broomfield.

Nothing’s final yet, but as we continue to watch housing prices remain strong in the communities of Superior, Louisville and Boulder, this can be a good sign for Broomfield also.

If you’re not familiar with the area, it’s important to note that Broomfield, and the businesses which are in the Interlocken area, such as Sun Microsystems, and Level 3 Communications are in Broomfield, but to look at it, they could just as easily be in Superior/Rock Creek. It’s often hard these days to determine where the line is drawn between communities like Broomfield and Superior, and the same is true for Louisville vs. Lafayette, and Erie vs. Broomfield and throw Westminster in the hopper for that matter also.

The Rock Creek community is an extremely robust neighborhood due to the employment opportunities as it’s sandwiched in between Broomfield/Interlocken, Boulder, and Louisville.

If TransFirst completes the deal, it will just add to the continued job growth and viability of our area. Keep your eyes open for more job growth and an strong ongoing real estate market here. Especially in Louisville, Superior, and I think eventually Broomfield also.

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