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superior coloradoRanked #13 in the 100 best places to live in America from Money magazine, I wanted to share with you the June 2009 sales statistics for Superior.

If you’re interested in Superior real estate, you might also want to know about some  Louisville real estate for sale. This is a great opportunity to build your dream home if you’re not inclined to buy a pre-owned Louisville or Superior house.

Checking out these updates is another perfect way to watch on what’s going on in the real estate market in our area, and what we might expect in the coming months.

As is now somewhat customary, I’m including parenthetic data for the June 2008 also. If you see my writing style or grammar loosening up a little bit, my favorite editor, Seattle resident, and now friend of many years hasn’t been giving me quite as much feedback; so I hope you’ll cut me some slack as I traverse between which person I use within the same sentence once in a while.

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This could be an excellent time to make that move given the very stable marketplace we have in Boulder county, and especially given the high demand and national attention Superior, Coloraodo, and its sister to the north, Louisville, Colorado recently received.

Superior Sold Single Family Homes June 2009 (parenthetic data is 2008):

Number Sold: 17 (11)

Average Price: $416,705  (462,695)

Median Price: $373,900 (356,353)

Average Days On Market: 95 (58)

Yep, this is a strong, and certainly stable market. I told a story to a friend of mine recently about how the Boulder Valley real estate market, and even Colorado in general are typically not price trending the way the US coasts and other cities trend.

Consequently we’ve been talking about this more, and even a Michigan-based buyer is making plans to take his money out of the stock market and invest in Colorado real estate.

Superior Sold Condos June 2009 (parenthetic data is 2008):

Number Sold: 5 (5)

Average Price: $388,851 (195,820)

Median Price: $225,000 (179,000)

Average Days On Market: 62 (81)

Incredible! The exact same number of condos sold in June 2009 as in June 2008. But look at the other numbers, those are very interesting to me. time on market is down considerably, and both average and median prices are up drastically.

So you might be asking yourself: “has the Superior condo market started to blow up?” Well, not exactly. I like the reduced time on market, but let’s look at the numbers without the $1million plus ‘condo’ at Calmante that sold last month in the mix… (or should I have just said take it out of the mix?)

Average Price of 4 units sold (Calmante unit missing): $221,225

Median Price ………………………………………………….: $176,900

This is a mix of two Saddlebrooke condos, one home at The Ridge over at the top of the hill off McCaslin, and one at The Summit, just above the Land Rover dealership.

These numbers are a little better comparison to the 2008 numbers above, but what it does show a very stable, if not slightly upward trending marketplace in Superior.

And a neat surprise: I’ve heard many people scoff at the Calmante project being a bad product with no perceivable market demand. I admit, I’ve thought that condos approaching or exceeding a million dollars in Rock Creek in the current ‘flat’ market we’ve experienced seem a risky speculation for a builder, and I’m very encouraged to see one already sold at over that million dollar mark. Maybe our predictions that the local economy and real estate market is primed for some upward price action. Time will tell…

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