Louisville Real Estate Market April and May 2010

Louisville get’s top ratings for many reasons, and some of them are intangible.

Many websites will report data, and I’m always happy to report data, as I will here in this post.

Another way to get inside the character of a community is to take a look at my neighborhood profiles, and  Boulder business profiles, here on my site. They’re short videos that give you a personal inside view on what our area is all about.

We must also remember that any area you may choose to live in comes with some element of intangible elements which don’t come from paper, numbers, or plain logic.

That’s why you need to get out and experience the town and neighborhood where you may be considering a move.

Even when you find a home you decide will be your next place to live, please don’t get too bogged down in the numbers. Give yourself a chance to ‘feel’ what it may be like to call this home, neighborhood, and town your new home.

Sometimes that compilation of reasonable evaluation of financial investment, balanced with the ‘quality of life’ has a huge impact on what your next home is really worth.

Here’s your data for sold homes in Louisville, Colorado for April and May 2010, then consider walking the streets, and checking out local shops like Cafe de Paris, and Hank’s Model Train Shop.

Call, text, or email me if you want to talk about getting inside one of the homes for sale, OR if you are ready to sell, and want to discuss some unique marketing strategies for attracting the most buyers for your home for sale.

Louisville Sold Single Family Homes April 2010 :

Number Sold: 27

Average Sales Price: $402,768 (avg & median numbers down a touch from march)

Median Sales Price: $380,000

Average Days On Market: 58

(homes are selling much more quickly than they were in March)

Louisville Sold Condos April 2010 :

Number Sold: 6

Average Price: $207,966 (up slightly from March)

Median Price: $192,000 (also up a bit from March data)

Average Days On Market: 92

(even condos are selling about 40% more quickly than they did in March)


Louisville Sold Single Family Homes May 2010 :

Number Sold: 18

Average Sales Price: $479,399 (back up again compared to April)

Median Sales Price: $399,000

Average Days On Market: 75 (down from 101 in March, and up slightly from April)

Louisville Sold Condos May 2010 :

Number Sold: 4

Average Price: $295,105

Median Price: $245,900

Average Days On Market: 94

I like what I’m seeing in terms of Average Days On Market (ADOM). Single family homes and condos are selling more quickly than they were in previous months, which means, if you start a little earlier than you were planning to look and prepare to buy, you wont miss a great opportunity when the right house comes along.

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