Louisville CO Market Update

Here’s the Louisville, Colorado real estate market update. This is for homes sold in Jan through May 2009. If you’re looking at Boulder county forecasts and trends, checking out these market updates is a great way to get a handle on what’s going on, and what we might expect in the coming months.

The data here also includes 2008 numbers during the same months of January through May for comparison. And, I have commented on these numbers for you as well.

Since Money magazine is heading this way again and looking to consider Louisville Colorado a top pick city, it will be exciting to see what direction sales and prices go in the Louisville real estate marketplace.

Ready now to talk about selling your home, buying a new home, or know someone that is moving? This could be an excellent time to make that move given the relatively stable marketplace we have in Boulder.

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Louisville Sold Single Family Homes (parenthetic data is 2008):

Number Sold: 59 (89)

Average Price: $377,647  (388,344)

Median Price: $343,000 (365,000)

Average Days On Market: 88 (72)

Honestly, these numbers aren’t huge deviations compared to other markets around the country, but they’re a little surprising. Prices down, market time up and number of sold homes down… it’s looking like a great time to buy if you’re interested in a single-family home in Louisville.

Louisville Sold Condos (parenthetic data is 2008):

Number Sold: 16 (22)

Average Price: $197,162 (199,011)

Median Price: $183,600 (187,600)

Average Days On Market: 98 (110)

Hmmm, well prices are slightly down from last year, and number of sold condos is slightly down also but so is market time. It’s feeling crazy that so many people I’ve talked to were hit with increases on their taxes given this data, but we need to remember that Boulder county wasn’t looking at anything past June of 2008. Feels like a pretty stable market for Louisville condos as long as you’ve been in as an owner for a few years, and with some good market-ready preparation a sale is on your horizon for a reasonable price.

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