International Logistics Jobs In Boulder

Last week I met with a guy that found me through my website, and ultimately sent me an email because he had interest in a property I had listed for sale in Boulder county.
As it turned out, he wasn’t interested in buying the property, but I had a chance to help him with some of his needs, and we got a chance to meet. This is the core of my business in many respects. While I do have to help people close some transactions now and then in order to make money, one of the great parts of my business is helping people reach their goals, and enlarging my circle of friends.
Thinking about moving soon? Give me a call or an email and let’s discuss what your current needs are regarding your move. I’d consider it a privilege to help you get some straight answers about real estate.

Steve moved to the Boulder area recently and he talked to me several times to get some input on the local area and advice during his planning process. When Steve and I finally met in person, I found that we had similar interests, but that he’s lived a fascinating and varied life.

It sounds like from what Steve told me he did a great job with his house up on Bramer above Jamestown. Even with the work, he may also be a candidate for the new TDCs that we’ve been talking about. Should he be in the market to sell TDCs, and you’re in the market to buy TDC, we may have a fit.
When arriving in Colorado recently, he took on the task of repairing his mother’s former home above Jamestown, single-handedly. Where many people would have looked to hire out many tasks, Steve assessed the property and determined that he had a rough road ahead, but that he could get it done on his budget if he dedicated the time.
Now that the project is finished, he’s looking for work here in Boulder. With an possible opportunity at Micro Motion, one of the few firms that was clearly a match for on of Steve’s areas of expertise in international logistics, he hit the Boulder valley running and hasn’t looked back.
I think with all the opportunities coming the the region through ConocoPhillips and the variety of other energy related businesses, he shouldn’t have a rough road to finding work. As is typical though, it’s who you know. In this case, his network is just expanding so if you know a match for Steve, let me know. Here’s a very short cover of what he’s done.

Steve Wrote:
I have worked in international logistics for over 11 years- in operations, sales, and traffic management. During that time, my primary responsibility was to design effective logistics strategies.  Inherent in that activity was the sourcing of air, ocean, rail, truck and warehouse logistics from a vast array of sources in countries all over the world.

100% of my professional experience has been in working in the international arena. From my internship right out of college, to the last job I held, I have worked with countries in all areas of the world, as well as traveled and lived internationally for my work.
If you want more info on Steve and his experience, or think you can connect him with someone in our area that may be interested, email me.

If you are thinking about any type of residential, or vacant land real estate transaction in the Boulder Valley area, please consider calling or emailing me today. I’d love to help you connect with the buyers and sellers I’m already working with right now!
-Zachary Epps, full-time professional Realtor® and EcoBroker®


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