Greenovate II Community Workshop Highlight

We had another great community workshop this month. It was our Greenovate II workshop which focused on eco-friendly interior design and finish work. We got to hear from Annette Stelmack about all sorts of great alternatives to the typical product line of goods for finishing out the interior of your home. Did you know Granite is “out”, and considered “last year” both ecologically as well as trend-wise?

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Annette talked a lot about one angle that I sometimes forget, which is buying from local or regional suppliers.

In addition to being conscious about things like low toxicity, or manufacturing processes that are environmentally low-impact, we forget sometimes to factor in the impact that long-distance transportation plays on the environment.

Many of the vendors and suppliers that Annette shared with us are local and regional.

Did you catch that I said that granite is “out”? Well, from an eco standpoint, it’s a limited supply product so many interior design experts are looking at other options. You might remember the linoleum counters in the Hickory house profile. That was a piece of unique and moder Boulder real estate I shared with you on our VaST Architecture business profile.

Another line of products are becoming even more popular. Composite products like Silestone, Caesarstone, and Icestone are more durable, lower maintenance and more eco-friendly than granite.

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