Green Real Estate Community Workshops

One of the most useful take-aways from the EcoBroker conference that I can bring to you is a new set of projects. I’m working on organizing some community workshops to help homeowners understand different aspects of green building.

You can learn about alternative energy sources for your home, such as harnessing solar energy for home electricity use via photo voltaic panels. You’ll have an opportunity to meet people in the construction trade, and other industries, who can help you learn more about how to improve your home’s comfort level, and also lower its carbon footprint.

At our free community workshops, we’ll share information about things like tank-less water heating and hydronics, photo voltaic solar panels, cellulose insulation, field turf lawns, energy efficient mortgages and many other important green topics. You should find lots of useful information on how to save money, be more comfortable, and at the same time help the environment.

I’m working now to re-connect with my contacts from the conference who said they would like to participate in our free workshops. Some of those people come from these groups: Colorado Home Performance, Vibrant Solar, SMC Geothermal, Simple Solar, Environmental Data Resources, EnergyLogic, and several others to begin scheduling free community workshop seminars so you can learn more about this.

If you’re interested, contact me so that I can be sure to notify you when we have topics and schedules confirmed.


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