Eco-Design Movement, Green Building… Green Washing?

Do you ever feel like there’s just too much ‘green’ buzz going around, and that you can’t keep track of what it’s all about? It may be green-washing diluting your thoughts.

You’re not alone. Many of us are inundated with daily ‘green-washing’ in the media. Yep, stories in the ‘news’ about the latest trend (I’m sorry GMA and Today are not news, but those shows can be entertaining) may or may not be guiding you in the right direction towards greener living.

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One recent issue of Dwell magazine had a short article that I think hits home for me. It refers to several philosophical points of view from the likes of William McDonough and Michael Braungart who are working to design buildings that go beyond energy efficient, and into the realm of ‘net energy production’, as well as Bruce Sterling’s ‘Viridian Design Speech’ from 1998.

In Sterling’s view, it comes down to a retooling of our brain and our fundamental approach in our lifestyles where we ‘ditch the bad habits of the past’ and create a new ‘viridian’ green future.

Rushing out to buy a new Prius may seem like a smart choice, and it might well be for your wallet in terms of gas costs, but when one considers the environmental costs of purchasing new products, whether it be a car, or even a house, re-use could be the key.

Retooling an existing house to fit a modern lifestyle with a conscious direction towards eco-design may be just what the eco-doctor ordered.

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-Zachary Epps, full-time professional RealtorĀ® and EcoBrokerĀ®


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