Easy Help For Getting Your Boulder Real Estate In Shape

benblack11I have to tell you a story about someone I know here in Boulder. His name is Ben Black, and I know if you are like most of us you need some help with a project or two around the house. It could be to get your home in shape for the summer, or perhaps you’re prepping for a pending sale, or getting your investment property ready to rent, or simply that you don’t want to tackle it yourself… maybe because you would rather be out mountain biking or hanging out at the pool. I think I have your solution.

Local entrepreneur Ben Black is someone I’ve known since he was about eight years old. Today he’s an aspiring college student, working his way towards British Columbia. A born and bred Boulder-ite, Ben is one of the more intelligent, talented, and hard-driving, work-ethic embodied young men I’ve met in ages.

Ben is spending his summer helping people all around Boulder county, and beyond, get those tasks and chores done. I want to tell you a little more about how I know Ben, when I met him, and where it looks like he’s going. It’s a great story.

benblack21If you’d like to get in touch with Ben for a project you need help with, you can call, text or email me and I’ll put the two of you together asap. If you would like to call Ben directly, he said it’s okay to call his mobile number: 720-628-7370. Be thoughtful enough to leave a message if you get his voice mail. Ben’s got some time in his schedule coming up, but he’s worked the last 13 days in a row, and today he’s likely in the middle of a project for someone else. But he definitely needs more work, and absolutely wants to hear from you now, so don’t delay, call today!

Now some background on Ben and how I know him.  Then I’ll share a recommendation / testimonial or two for you on Ben’s work.

I first met Ben when he and his dad, David Black, came to start training at Harambee Karate Club in Boulder. Ben’s dad David had a strong personal view of what it meant to him to be a father, and he had several ideas about why it would be a good idea for he and Ben to train together.

One of David’s thoughts was he, like many fathers, understood what it meant to spend time together, both quantity AND quality. David wanted to create opportunities for behavior modeling, and being in the class with Ben… the two of them together, he thought would give them a perfect opportunity for this. Another reason David picked the Karate class was to give Ben an ability to build confidence that he could use throughout his life, in all corners of the globe, and with all types of people. Ben and his father trained for many years at Harambee with us, and in fact, Ben was the sole student at the dojo the day I received my black belt promotion. Unfortunately Ben lost his father suddenly in August of 2006, just as he was entering his junior year of high school. But even though David is gone, Ben trains onward in many disciplines in life. He’s studied other martial arts styles, has become an entrepreneur of his own volition, and plans on following in his father’s footsteps with the Peace Corps after he graduates from college.

Here’s one testimonial from a recent client of Ben’s here in Boulder:

I sent Ben to a very important, long term, older client of ours to help them with some heavy lifting this past weekend.  She just called and said that he was the nicest, most polite, hardest worker she has seen and she is happy to recommend him to anyone.

Donna Werner
B-W Construction

Ben is working towards his departure later this year to the University of British Columbia. He chose the school for its diverse cultural student body, and its international community aspects. It seems that he chose, on his own, to enter a larger world as part of his higher education experience. It should prove to be a great launching pad for his Peace Corps journey.

While he’s not a tradesman and can’t necessarily help you with tasks that would require a professional plumber or electrician, he does have tools and will travel!

He recently was hired to help organize a garage and move a lot of ‘stuff’. Based on the client’s needs he was able to interpret easily the work required, took advice well and added his strength (figuratively and literally), and his ability to interpret the client’s needs to provide excellent results.

Another testimonial:

I really recommend Ben’s work. He is focused, meticulous, thorough, fun to be around and a hard-worker. He does great work.

–Barbralu Cohen

Ben’s goals are to earn money for his music equipment, and for spending money at school next year. He doesn’t come from a wealthy family, and hence knows the importance of working hard and saving for his needs. He’s a musician and composer, so some of the money he earns will go towards expanding his percussion set.

I hope if you have the need, you’ll call Ben today. He seems to have what it takes to earn what he needs, he’s good at analyzing his client’s needs to assist them in finishing projects and unlike even some seasoned ‘professionals’… he shows up, on time, and ready to work!

But don’t wait too long, he’s leaving at the end of August.

Call or email me today to get a personal introduction to Ben, or if you have other real estate needs, I’m available to you for that as well, of course. Now let’s get this great guy off to college with some money in his pocket. He’s willing to earn it!

Zachary Epps, full-time professional Realtor® and EcoBroker® at RE/MAX Alliance Boulder


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