Don’t Build Boulder Real Estate On Weekend

hammer.jpgSo lots of people are getting burned out having to listen to construction noise on the weekend.

Those of us who own Boulder real estate and find themselves in the middle of deadlines trying to finish construction projects may want to get ready for a slow-down.

The Boulder City Council is looking at limiting residential construction to weekdays only. They’re considering a regulatory change that would limit hours of residential construction to five days a week, 8am to 6pm.

Currently Boulder’s ordinances allow construction to take place from 7am to 9pm with some limitations on noise from power tools, generators and other ‘high-noise’ sources shutting them down at 5pm.

The construction people want to fast track their projects and get them done more quickly by working on week-ends. The residents seem to want a break from the noise and interruptions on the one or two days they’re home to enjoy their free time.

A manager of a construction project in south Boulder was quoted in the Daily Camera as saying:

“What about the guy who has a desk job, a 9-to-5 job, and he wants to build a fence or put in a garage?”…”Are you going to make him take off work to be able to do that?”

interesting point…


One Response to “Don’t Build Boulder Real Estate On Weekend”

  1. Jack Stevens on February 16th, 2008 4:10 pm

    Sounds to me like Boulder’s doing a good job of protecting homeowners peace of mind but doesn’t it seem like some people in Boulder complain a lot?

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