Does 100 New Jobs Mean 100 New Boulder Real Estate Home Sales?

Boulder Real Estate could see a mini boom. Or would that be a boom-ette?

Seagate Technologies is planning to hire 100 new people by the end of the year according to sources at the Boulder County Business Report.

That could be great news for the local community. I think this will hit the Longmont area and perhaps some points west and southwest of Longmont such as Gunbarrel and Niwot.

What a great bump for the Longmont community. While 100 new jobs isn’t earth-shattering in the greater scheme of things in the real estate community, I think the folks in the over-built community of Longmont won’t mind every little bit of help they can get with potentially increased demand.

With new new positions in the ASIC, firmware, servo and applications engineers, along with newly graduated engineering and technical positions, they may not see an impact in the outlying communities, there’s sure to be a little action in the area immediately around and within a short drive of the Seagate campuses in SouthWest Longmont. The company is also looking to hire product line managers and marketing professionals.

The recent market updates haven’t been extremely stimulating but last week was a ‘short’ week after all.

It’s refreshing at least to see something in the media that isn’t doom and gloom. There’s too much of that lately and the funny thing is, locally we’re generally on the other side of the curve as I’ve been repeatedly saying. I made several phone calls to long time local business leaders in the Boulder community and they all concur that the media hype is over emphasizing the current situation. It makes for good news but not for good sense.

In fact, the last thing I heard from Nora Ziel at Cherry Creek Mortgage is that for a well-qualified buyer/borrower with good credit (720 please) lenders are still offering products at 6% this week. With investor money coming in at about 6-3/4%, it seems like a great time to buy.


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