Do Your Kids Bike To School?

I ran into an old acquaintance from many years ago up at C.U. Boulder while I was attending the 2008 Economic Conference. Leslie runs a company that specializes in targeted marketing called Catalyst but what’s always stuck with me is his devotion to bicycling. Of course he rode to the conference. He gave me a brochure on his freiker program.

The Freiker name comes from a combo of the words FREquent and bIKER. It’s an effort to encourage kids to ride their bikes to school. They use technology to track who’s riding their bikes to school and the kids even get incentives to ride.

There are currently five schools using the Freiker program, founded by Rob Nagler: Crest View Elementary, Foothill Elementary, Horizons K-8, Casey Middle School and Eldorado K-8 in Superior (Eldo K-8 has two Freikometers).

The kids participating in the program can earn prizes including a weekly prize, “The Green Gear” as well as other prizes including a Lance Armstrong poster and even an iPod. Last year 50 iPods and 10 digital cameras were awarded to Freikers.

Freiking isn’t a competition. Prizes are earned based on the number of times a child rides to school and every child who rides can earn a prize. The more they ride, the better the prize.

If your kids go to one of these schools and they aren’t already riding their bikes, it might be fun to help them learn more about this program. My son said he wants to get in on this and he’s ready to start commuting on his scooter. He’s just finishing first grade and it’s a mile or so and pretty hilly, so I may be dusting off my mountain bike to join him.

Check out more about helping your kids become a Freiker by going to the Freiker Website.


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