ConocoPhillips Real Estate Update

Here’s some additional news about what ConocoPhillips is up to in Louisville. As a follow up to the recent post you may have seen on the 29th here in my blog, you might want to know that deconstruction is already under way, as promised, on the old Storage Tek building in Louisville. If news about ConocoPhillips is influencing your need to buy or sell real estate in our area, please call or email me soon so you can stay on top of the latest changes in the local real estate market.

Tracy Harlow confirmed also that ConocoPhillips will be very focused on LEED certification, Green Building techniques and stustainable building practices.

CP considers this a ‘signature site’ for the company, according to Harlow. She said that this is the first time that CP has built their own facility from the ground up, and their intention is to make it a globally attractive and an ecologically salient example of what a forward thinking energy company can do.

The deconstruction is scheduled to take approximately eight months to complete, and the efforts during the deconstruction and construction process will be very focused on recycling and preserving wildlife, with a careful focus on respecting the existing flora and fauna on the 400+ acre campus, according to Harlow.

You might want to take a drive through the property. I did just the other day to see what’s happening. Besides, there’s a great walking/running trail on the north west part of the property near the Monarch school campus. As far as I can tell, they don’t mind. The security gates have been unused for years and you can drive right on into the property… for now.

The next step after deconstruction will be to select an architectural firm, which CP has targeted for this December. After that, the permit filing process will be the order of business, which Harlow says will be a process that takes them through the second quarter of 2009.

If you’re ready for your next step, and want to talk about your real estate needs, please call or email me soon so that I can hear what your plans are and learn how to assist you with your needs.

-Zachary Epps, full-time, professional Realtor® and EcoBroker®


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