ConocoPhillips Economic Impact Development Plans

This morning I went to a meeting put on by the group Boulder Tomorrow. The focus was on the economic impact and development plans of the new ConocoPhillips facility.

If you’ve been watching this topic you know by now that ConocoPhillips purchased the land originally developed by Storage Tek and sold recently by Sun Microsystems.

Mary Manning, ConocoPhillips’ General Manager of Global Real Estate & Facilities was on a panel with Louisville Mayor Chuck Sisk. The discussion was moderated by Tom Clark, Executive Vice President of the Metro Denver Economic Development Corp.

One of the key topics was the number of employees that would come into the area. Mary Manning told us that while the projections are that about 7000 staff will eventually arrive, she emphasized that the site is “permitted” for 7000 people and this might take years to get to that level.

Tom Clark said that if they reach 7000 people on the ConocoPhillips campus, that would put it as the 4th largest private sector employer in the area. He also predicts that this will equal about 400 million to 500 million in salaries and estimates that this will provide an overall economic impact in excess of 1 billion dollars to the area.

I’ll provide more observations from the meeting soon but those are a couple of highlights I thought you’d want to know about right away.


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