New Lafayette Real Estate Commute: Who Needs It?

Well, maybe you do if you live in Erie or Lafayette. Owners of Lafayette real estate and Erie real estate will now find it easier to commute between the two towns soon. Well, for that matter, all residents wishing to use public transportation to get to and from Lafayette, CO and Erie, CO will be happy to know that RTD officials and county transportation anticipate implementing two new bus routes.

The routes are intended to link Erie, CO to Lafayette, CO and also Denver and Boulder. One of these routes also provides residents of Louisville, CO with a connection to U.S. Highway 36. (What many local long-time residents call the”Boulder Turnpike”)

In May 2008, county transportation and Regional Transportation District officials anticipate implementing two new bus routes, slated to link Erie to Lafayette, Denver and Boulder, while the second provides Louisville residents with a connection to U.S. Highway 36.

The two new routes are a direct result of county funding from the voter-approved transportation tax, the Denver Regional Council of Governments and a partnership with RTD.

In Louisville, the new route — called The Lynx — will offer service from the Louisville library to both Monarch K-8 School and Monarch High School, the Avista Hospital campus in Louisville, CO, Flatirons Crossing park-n-Ride and the Broomfield, CO park-n-Ride.

Louisville, CO Mayor Chuck Sisk said he was pleased it linked up Avista Hospital and the Monarch School Campuses.

There are hopes that this will ease up the severe daily traffic congestion near 88th Street as people come and go from the schools.

Erie, CO officials will extend the seven-year-old Jump service through Lafayette, CO along Arapahoe and Baseline Roads, then north through Erie, CO to terminate at the Erie Community Center, and near to the Erie library.


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