Commercial Boulder Real Estate Gets Us Out Of The Heat

boulder real estate bonusIt’s my daughter’s 9th birthday so we jump in the car and scoot in to Boulder to catch a movie at the new 29th Street in Boulder and grab some grub since some novice with a backhoe cut off electricity to many of the homes in our neighborhood. Some people don’t think the Boulder Valley real estate market is all that “hot” but I’m telling you, in my neighborhood it was hot as hell yesterday with no A/C.

So we buzz into the underground parking at the new 29th Street mall and find a great parking space (what my wife calls “Doris Day Parking”) and find a great family movie at the Century Theater. The General Manager, Chris Frey, comes over to say hi to us (I suppose he should since he’s my brother) and says we need to get moving and check out one of the new restaurants at 29th Street like the Railyard or Laudisio. He actually talks about lots of the restaurants at 29th but we hadn’t checked out Railyard yet so up the escalator we go with kids in tow.

boulder real estate waterSince we ended up seeing a movie that turns out to be a comment on global warming and even though it’s really well done and kept the kids and our attention, it seems right to give kudos to the Cinemark / Century theater for their conservation efforts with their water-less no-flush toilets and the automatic faucets…

We picked the movie Artic Tale. It follows these polar bears and walrus as they struggle to survive the massive changes due to global warming in their environment.

boulder real estateThe film gets me thinking about my friend James Balog and his presentation at the Boulder, CO Library recently. Balog has this thing going called Extreme Ice Survey they’ve been focused on the global warming effects and melting glaciers around the world and the massive environmental impact it has. Interesting tie-in to the movie we just saw. Balog says he’s working to broaden public understanding of climate change.

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-Zachary Epps, full-time professional Realtor® and EcoBroker®


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