Colterra Restaurant Wins Hearts of Boulder Area Diners

niwot restaurantAfter I read Meg Tilton’s review in the Boulder Daily Camera about Colterra Restaurant in Niwot, Colorado last Thursday August 16th I simply had to get myself in there and give it a try.

Colterra is located in the former Le Chantecler site to give those familiar to Niwot fine dining a frame of reference. What’s really cool about Colterra for Boulder County diners is that Chef /Owner bradfordheap-chef.jpgBradford Heap uses organic foods whenever possible and many of the ingredients come from local producers and sometimes even the restaurant’s on-site garden says Tilton’s article. In fact, at lunch today the server mentioned that tomatoes in one of the specials did indeed come directly from a nearby plant in the garden.

photo_082907_006.jpgAs I already had a need to meet with my estate planning attorney, Jennifer Spitz, from Stover & Associates in Longmont, the Niwot location was a perfect halfway-point meeting place.

My one initial complaint was that there seemed to be a limited choice of vegetarian options however the staff eagerly adjusted the Ahi Tuna Nicoise salad and removed the offending Ahi Tuna and replaced it with a great selection of fresh and grilled vegetables.

colterra-restaurant-grassmick.jpgThe weather was fantastic and with all the huge trees, the dappled sunlight on the patio made it an extraordinary experience. While the article Tilton wrote in the Daily Camera restaurant review positioned the pricing at $$$$, I found the prices very reasonable.

I have a lot of people that move within Boulder County and also frequently folks coming from out of town to buy Boulder real estate and the perpetual question is where’s a good place to eat? Colterra is definitely on the top of my list, especially for the Gunbarrel and Niwot area. Heck, the drive from my office on east Pearl St. only took about 12 minutes.

Thanks in advance to Cliff Grassmick for the use of his photo of Chef Heap and diners and to the Colterra website for the portrait of Bradford Heap. If you read this and know the photographer, please let me know so I can give him/her a photo credit.

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-Zachary Epps, full-time professional Realtor® and EcoBroker®


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