Septic Smart Jefferson County Colorado

septic smart imageSeptic System Awareness with EPA’s SepticSmart

Does your home use a septic system? Many homes in the foothills/mountain areas do.

Actually over 25%  of all U.S. homes have septic systems!

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) created SepticSmart, an initiative to provide nationwide public education on the importance of proper septic system care and maintenance.

Many counties have specific requirements for septic system inspections, repairs and certifications as part of the sale of a property as well. Check with your particular county to learn more details.

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Google, Boulder, Affordable Housing

googlePoolTableGoogle, while moving forward with its new Boulder, Colorado project has put its money where its mouth is with regard to affordable housing.

With many people getting anxious or excited, depending on which camp you’re in, about Google increasing its presence in Boulder, many should be glad to know that Google is doing its part to help the local community increase the number of affordable housing units in town and around the area.

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Boulder’s North Broadway Project Back On Again at Violet

north broadwayThe mixed use project slated for north Broadway and Violet appears to be back on again.

The property is commonly referred to 4403 Broadway, owned by Jeff Dawson, the developer, and Emerald Investments.

Turns out the Boulder planning board held a site review on Thursday the 3rd, so we could see some new mixed-use development.

Part of the plans include almost 30 residential units and just under 10,000 square feet of commercial space including some restaurant area.

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Boulder Real Estate Time To Buy Now

Boulder Colorado Flatirons Mapleton Mansion (1)Boulder Colorado real estate is hotter than July… even in December.

The pace of sales, and the rock-solid market make it an excellent time to buy real estate in the Boulder area.

Actually, per the Federal Housing Finance Agency, Boulder has seen the highest appreciation in housing of any city in the country since 1991.

If you bought here in ’91 you’d have over 275% appreciate in value. A study from last summer Smartaszseet named Boulder the #1 housing market in the country for growth and STABILITY. (emphasis added)

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Boulder Creek Neighborhoods

boulder creek neighborhoods louisville coloradoBoulder Creek Neighborhoods has another new project called Lanterns, and I had the opportunity to visit during their ‘dirty boots’ tour last weekend. I don’t always post about builders and developers, but when I find a local provider who stands out in a good way, I think it’s worthy to share with you what I notice.

I’ve really had good success with clients buying from Boulder Creek Neighborhoods. The process goes smoothly, the staff is responsive, and
the product is quite exceptional.

We’ve done work with them at Steel Ranch Patio Homes, Overlook at Steel Ranch, DELO and Calmante in Rock Creek.

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