Market Update Boulder Colorado 2016

The Boulder Colorado Real Estate Market has been very hot lately, however we may be in a slight cool down period.

Not that we’ve left a seller’s market, or that a 2.8% absorption rate is slow by any means, but we’re seeing homes remaining available for several weeks or more currently in this late-season market as opposed to several days.

I have more data for you…

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Louisville Colorado Market: Median Prices Over Three Years

louisville median three yearsLouisville Colorado prices look a little different when we compare what’s changed in asking prices, under contract, and sold prices over the last three years.

A peculiar thing happens when we contract median prices versus average price per square foot.

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Louisville Colorado Market Update 3 Year Look

louisville $ sq ftThe Louisville Colorado market is just as red hot as any town in Boulder County, and while that’s great for sellers, it’s proving to continue to be challenging for many buyers.

With few homes for sale, we need more sellers to build up our inventory.

Check the chart in this post and look at what’s happening to the data.

I think you’ll be intrigued to see what’s up. (you can click on the graph image lower in my post to see an enlarged view)

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Boulder Home Prices Per Square Foot Three Years

red-hot-picBoulder home prices are up of course, and here’s a different way to review the data: price per square foot of sold homes.

If we consider that price per square foot will give us a more balanced view of what’s happening in the subject area, then this data may reinforce what we’ve been sensing all along as we work within this volatile market.

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Boulder Colorado 3 Year Price Trend

boulder colorado pearl streetBoulder Colorado prices continue to increase, and an interesting way to review that change is to look at the median price of sold homes over the last three years to see the trend over a longer time period.

You don’t have to be on the Pearl Street Pedestrian Mall, or even in Downtown Boulder to see how much prices have changed. Check the graph in this post, and then look for a future post featuring a couple specific neighborhoods to see some amazing data.

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