Real Estate Market Update Boulder Colorado Winter 2017

change-aheadThere’s been a significant change in the Boulder real estate market this year.

While prices haven’t dropped, and values remain strong; we expect to see a potential continuation of the plateau in the market locally even in Boulder.

One of the predictions leans towards the idea that we’re in a typical cycle of a couple of years of slower growth.

Check out the graph in this post to get a better sense of what’s happening.

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Lafayette Colorado Real Estate Market Update

changes signThe real estate market in Lafayette Colorado is still hanging in there. Social media still refers to Lafayette as ‘on the verge’ and the data seems to indicate this is pretty accurate.

As people have gravitated to areas like nearby Louisville Colorado in the last decade or two in response to the rising costs of homes in Boulder, among other things, a similar trend is driving the Lafayette real estate market. To see a useful chart, read the rest of this post and click to enlarge the image if you’d like to review the data better.

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Real Estate Market Update Louisville Colorado

Louisville Colorado real estate has seen a  shift in the market as have many Boulder county market areas, however Louisville, CO has some surprising statistics indicating that it’s fairing a little better than the City of Boulder for sellers.

The changes however still indicate that the market is leveling off a bit.

Buyers are feeling some relief from the frenetic pace they’ve seen over the last two to three years.

See the graph (click to enlarge it) and some more comments in this post below.

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Boulder Market Update June 2017

2485 Lexington St, Lafayette, CO -- Agent: Zachary Epps

The Boulder Colorado Real Estate Market has certainly continued to be a seller’s market for the first six months of 2017. As predicted in December of 2016, we’re seeing some small adjustments.

Primarily sellers are responding to small increases in inventory, and slightly longer time on market prior to going under contract. The following information and chart will give you a better idea of how the market for single family homes in Boulder is trending.

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Market Update Boulder Colorado 2016

The Boulder Colorado Real Estate Market has been very hot lately, however we may be in a slight cool down period.

Not that we’ve left a seller’s market, or that a 2.8% absorption rate is slow by any means, but we’re seeing homes remaining available for several weeks or more currently in this late-season market as opposed to several days.

I have more data for you…

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