Casey Middle School Using Alternative Energy

One of the coolest things going on in the Boulder Valley School District right now is the rebuilding of Casey Middle School in Central Boulder.

If you own Boulder real estate in central Boulder, one of the likely topics you’ve explored is the quality of the schools. While most of us parents look at the CSAP test scores and student-teacher ratios, there’s another interesting thing to compare.

Even though the topic of green building may not feel like it means much to you in terms of your child’s quality of education, think of what it might mean to students attending a school built with forward thinking building technology for the way they pattern their energy usage at home.

Let’s explore what 70 holes, drilled 400 feet deep below your school might mean to you or your children.

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I’ll have a video profile of the neighborhood near where Casey Middle School lives. Casey is actually in the Whittier Neighborhood, and I’m going to profile the Old North Boulder Neighborhood. Casey’s right on the edge, so we’ll give you a look at what’s going on with the rebuilding of this historic school.

The 400 foot deep holes they drilled a couple of weeks ago on the Casey school grounds? Those are to implement a geothermalĀ  system which will use the heat energy of the earth to moderate the climate inside the school.

Geothermal systems take advantage of the fact that the temperature remains very constant all year long just a few hundred feet below the surface.

Tapping into this constant allows the system to transfer energy where and when needed to manage the cooling and warming needs for the indoor climate of the school year around.

This is just one of several green building measures planned for Casey. The plan is to get LEED Certification for the school. Do you think that the students attending Casey in the next couple of decades will feel good about going to a school that walks-the-walk? I do.

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Zachary Epps, full-time professional RealtorĀ® and EcoBrokerĀ® at RE/MAX Alliance Boulder


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