Buying Boulder Real Estate With A Well?

wellboy.jpgAre you concerned about the quality of your water? Many owners of Boulder real estate, both in the foothills and in the suburban plains, have household wells.

There are some interesting information sources for those of you living in homes in either or these areas or other portions of our area that are using household wells for drinking water.

While many people now get well water tested prior to buying a home with a well, it’s astonishing to me the number of wells that haven’t been tested. I have personally seen many actively used wells that have no record of a basic potability test.

Wondering what to do? Here’s some basics from the EPA:

Here are six basic steps you
should take to maintain the safety of
your drinking water.
1. Identify potential problem sources
2. Talk with ”local experts”
3. Have your water tested periodically.
4. Have the test results interpreted and
explained clearly.
5. Set a regular maintenance schedule
for your well, do the scheduled
maintenance and keep accurate,
up-to-date records.
6. Remedy any problems.

See the EPA document on private wells, page 9, for ‘how to’ suggestions for each point to help you protect your well and your drinking water. There are many other online resources for information about domestic well water and I urge you to investigate further on your own if you have concerns.

  • Questions about wells or well water can be directed to the Wellcare? Hotline operated by the Water Systems Council, a national organization focused on well systems not regulated under the Safe Drinking Water Act. The hotline can be reached by phone at (888) 395-1033 or or More information relating to ground water and private water well systems is also available at


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-Zachary Epps, full-time professional Realtor® and EcoBroker®


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