Business Profile: 3R Roofing

I have another business profile for you. This is my effort to bring you pointed information about Boulder real estate and housing related businesses and business owners in the Boulder area.

This profile is the first in a series on 3R Roofing. I even have a video profile for you that we produced on location at a project that 3R Roofing is working on right now!

David Coddington, and his business 3R Roofing, has been helping Boulder area residents with roofing needs of all types for over twenty years. jI decided to sit up and take notice of David and 3R because of the intense focus he has for his client’s interests, and his ecological interests. His focus drives him places many others won’t go.

He is really intent on learning how to get to the essential truth of his client’s needs. Does that sound a little intangible for a roofing company? Well, let me tell you that while it may indeed be Boulder, this is not lip service to a spiritual town. Want to talk about how this works in an industry so ‘industrial’ in its nature as roofing? Call or email me and I’ll get you in touch with David today.

David’s passion for honestly helping people has even driven him to launch a special project that serves the community and the environment. You’ll get to learn more about the Roofs to Roads project soon.

For now, I want you to know that I share this tour with you to introduce you to a local roofing company, and it’s owner as a way of trying to give something back. My business profiles aren’t paid endorsements, but rather some effort on my part to give you an insight into knowing people I know, who are smart, experienced, passionate, and bigger than just the money they earn being the professionals they are every day.

I first met David Coddington a few years ago at a small local group of business people. I learned soon that he definitely walks the walk when it comes to caring about the environment. He has a keen understanding for the intricacies of his industry, and works hard to continue to bring new solutions to each project.

If it wasn’t for a little bit of dogged determination on my part, I may not have learned how passionate David really is about his industry. As a fairly soft-spoken and carefully thoughtful individual, I found that David remains focused on both his client’s current needs for a roofing solution.

He also has brought a new dimension to the roofing industry which we haven’t seen in many places around the country. He looks at every project with a sense of how he can make the impact of his work as small as possible to the environment. That could mean a high level of recycled content in the materials chosen for a roofing project, or working out a plan for creating an economy of scale such that a new or replacement roof system may not have to be updated for many more years than some other less green alternative.

Sometimes there’s actually a lower overall annual cost, and a higher ROI, while at the same time being more Eco-Friendly.

Ok, so you say you just want that old asphalt shingle roof ripped off, and are sensitive to any added costs of being green? You say that ‘green’s not your thing’? That’s cool too, but David may implement his Roofs to Roads program so you both get exactly what’s on your program. If you have the time to learn more about an exceptional roofing business, jump on over and take a look at the video business profile of David’s company 3R Roofing.

Call or email me with questions, let’s get you in touch with a great roofer and an excellent man I’m happy to professionally recommend, and  recently proud to call a friend.
-Zachary Epps, full-time professional Realtor® and EcoBroker®


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