Boulder’s Zolo Grill Still Offers Unique Experience

zolo-grill-boulder.gifI just had the opportunity again to have lunch at Zolo Grill in Boulder with Jackie from Lather Salon and we had a great lunch with some unique tastes. I’ve always had a great dining experience and the service and food this time was top notch again. I also got the treat of having lunch with Nora Ziel from Cherry Creek Mortgage just a few days later…

Zolo Restaurant.jpgWith a combo of a small “cup” portion of the lobster bisque and the ‘half’ order of their Caesar salad they proved to me once again that what may seem like it could be normal or average turned out to be extraordinary. The Caesar had a mild but tasty zip to the dressing and even though I asked for extra, the lettuce wasn’t swimming in the Caesar dressing.

Jackie’s buffalo stuffed Relleno was amazingly done and everything came out quickly and at the perfect temp.

Zolo Grill .jpgI don’t normally like to sound like I’m a raving fan just for the sake of praising any particular restaurant but this outing reminded me why my wife and I have enjoyed many meals here over the years. One of my favorite memories of Zolo was on the 4th of July in 1999. Our daughter was just born several months before and we had been in the area of Zolo Grill and on an impulse decided to stop in for dinner.

Turned out we got the perfect seat on the patio with a view of the flatirons at about 8:30 and while Parker snoozed in the seat beside us, we were treated to a wonderful meal, with prompt service but the real payoff was when the fireworks started at Folsom Field at C.U. With a clear view of the display from campus, we couldn’t have had a better time if we had carefully planned the whole evening.

Zolo Grill is part of a group of restaurants that are Part of the Big Red F. Including Centro and Jax; both excellent places to check out but very different from Zolo or each other. While the Zolo restaurant features an emphasis on southwestern style food and has over 140 different tequilas, the style of food preparation and presentation is still often delicate as compared to other similarly styled venues.

Zolo Grill Sign.jpgWith Chef, Rob Rosser’s, hand at the wheel of Zolo’s kitchen since 2002 after cutting his teeth as a sous chef at Jax Fish House in western downtown Boulder, you’ll be sure to find pleasing and unique twists on otherwise conventional foods such as Lobster wrapped with sun dried tomato, herbs and serrano ham served with yukon gold potatoes, arugula and a balsamic glaze or Beef Tenderloin with potato risotto, rajas and guajillo sauce.


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