Boulder: World’s First SmartGrid City

smartgridboulderThis summer, Boulder Colorado is destined to become the world’s first SmartGrid city.

Xcel Energy is in the process of selecting a number of Boulder homes to participate in the SmartGridCity pilot program.

This comes from decisions made by local leaders and Xcel Energy to address the Kyoto Protocol, but beyond that, to simply show what kind of effect we can have on energy use management and environmental impact.

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At a recent meeting with the group Boulder Tomorrow, I was surprised to hear Ken Floyd, VP of Customer Solutions at Excel say that the technology they’re implementing isn’t remarkably unique.

Rather, it’s the integration of the regulatory requirements and steps with the City of Boulder that make the SmartGrid City special.

The project vision, as I heard it at the meeting, is to deploy multiple technologies, test the multiple benefits hypothesis, and to re-evaluate on an ongoing basis to determine the long-term best approaches.

With thoughts towards switching a mentality away from ‘load following’ to ‘load shaping’ when managing energy and its use, we could see some clever ways to reduce peak load problems, and at the same time create an environment to leverage resources more effectively.

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Zachary Epps, full-time professional Realtor® and EcoBroker® at RE/MAX Alliance Boulder


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