Boulder Turnpike Changes In Broomfield

We will finally see a much needed improvement to the interchange at Hwy 36 (known to locals as the Boulder Turnpike) and the Wadsworth / 120th connection.

I know many of us are tired of the hassle with exiting 36 east, hanging a left over the highway, then waiting forever to make another left onto the cloverleaf loop to get onto 120th east towards broomfield and westminster.

It’s been a crazy way to get through that area for years, and now finally we may see this fixed so we can easily drive right over 36 between the current Hwy 128/Wadsworth intersection and the stretch of road over near the old Sil Ter Har car dealership. The reports are that the connection will be somewhere around Teller Street.

For years people trying to get from east-bound Hwy 36 onto east-bound 120th had to maneuver a crazy set of turns and intersections that seemed to be designed to handle a traffic load we might expect to have come from  the times of the Edsel or a Ford Duece Coupe.

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Now here’s some info directly quoted from the CDOT website. There’s a piece in Monday’s Boulder Daily Camera about the project with a nice little map. The CDOT website has this map, and some others to demonstrate how the new roadways may work together.

CDOT, in partnership with the City and County of Broomfield, proposes to extend 120th Avenue from Wadsworth Parkway, across US 36 to approximately 120th Avenue and Teller Street, including an intersection with US 287.

The purpose of the 120th Avenue Connection project is to accommodate existing and forecasted east-west through-traffic, reduce out-of-direction travel, and alleviate traffic congestion.

An Environmental Assessment for this project was completed in March 2005, and a Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) was approved by the Federal Highway Administration in January 2006.

Improvements will be completed in three phases:

Phase I (Design-Build) will construct portions of 120th Avenue (0.7 mile), a bridge carrying 120th Avenue over US 36, and a bridge carrying 120th Avenue over Commerce Street.

Phase II (Design-Bid-Build) will construct improvements to 120th Avenue east of US 36, and will require significant right-of-way acquisition and relocation. The project schedule has not been finalized.

Phase III will construct the local road system off of and around the 120th Avenue improvements constructed in Phase I. A portion of Phase III work is included as Additional Requested Elements in Phase I work to maximize the “best value” of the design-build contract.

Apparently the City of Broomfield is going to pony up some money for this, so will the State of Colorado (CDOT), and looks like there will be some federal funds too to make this all come together.

Further reports are that we’ll see some work begin fairly soon with some major completions of portions of the project over the next three to four years. Perhaps just in time for ConocoPhillips workers to take advantage of this much needed, and long awaited improvement to a nasty intersection.

I expect well see an increase in commuting between Superior, Broomfield, Louisville, Westminster and points beyond as ConocoPhillips makes progress on launching it’s new research and education facility.

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