Boulder Steel Yards Is a Great Downtown Alternative

The Steel Yards is a Boulder real estate development that has, in my opinion, revitalized this eastern part of Boulder and become a highly desirable alternative to downtown Boulder for many condo and town home buyers in our area.

We’ve been into a year or more of resales in this mixed-use neighborhood and prices and sales still remain strong. It’s a concept that’s caught on and worked better here than in many incantations that I’ve seen attempted in other areas.

The people really do live and work in the project and there’s lots of foot traffic and a full use of the neighborhood park, including the dog park. I’ve heard some complaints that people from other parts of Boulder come to the dog park thinking that it’s a city-owned park. In contrast, I’ve heard stories of dogs and people making new friends due to the popularity of the area.

With a great coffee shop, and lot’s of other businesses within easy walking distance, The Steel Yards is a great neighborhood to check out if you’re looking for an alternative to downtown.

Five units sold in the project as pre-owned units in 2007 for an average price of about $324,000. In 2008 there were only two units sold on record: one was a 644 sq foot single level unit for $104,000 (this was a unit that’s part of the Boulder Affordable Housing program), the other was one of the two-story, 864 square foot ‘brownstone’ units that sold at $290,000.

Right now there are five units for sale ranging from a 644 square foot ground level one-bedroom at $239,000 up to a 1386 square foot two-story former model home for $379,000, and a 1306 square foot two-story townhome at $399,000.


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