Boulder Restaurants Reviewed In Wall Street Journal

A recent Wall Street Journal article covered some well-known Boulder restaurants.

A well-written piece, but Ray missed the mark on a couple of points. A minor one, the population of Boulder isn’t 300,000, but just about a third of that.

More importantly, the Wall Street Journal author scoffed at the tendency of local eateries to tout their tendencies to buy local, and to build their restaurant businesses with a mindset towards sustainability and environmental consciousness… not to mention good health.

Starting off a mid-article paragraph with a comment: “Caring barely at all about this self-righteous posturing…” hardly endears us to the author who fails to realize that with a plethora of outstanding dining choices in Boulder, many of us choose to spend our dining dollars specifically at locally owned, locally supported businesses specifically because they use home-grown produce, locally raised meats, and get their power from the wind.

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All things being equal, I’ll spend my money with local businesses who support the local economy, and who have a mind-set which understands sustainability.

Now, if the food rocks, and the price is right, we have a winning combination. And don’t get me wrong. I’m not dropping my hard-earned dollars at a restaurant whose food is sub-standard, even if they do recycle their cooking oil in their cars.

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